5 Inexpensive DIY Party Decor Ideas

5 Inexpensive DIY Party Decor Ideas: Use wrapping paper, washi tape, scrapbook paper, and vintage bottles to create your own party decor.

5 Inexpensive DIY Party Decor Ideas: Use wrapping paper, washi tape, scrapbook paper, and vintage bottles to create your own party decor.These DIY party decor ideas have so much going for them. They’re very inexpensive, and easy to make yourself. The other great thing about making your own is that you can customize it to any colour scheme or theme that you want.

DIY party decor ideas

1. Wrapping Paper Table Runner

Our first great idea, and the foundation for this whole tablescape is this fun wrapping paper table runner. Pick out a beautiful pattern and use it as an inexpensive, and colourful runner. It’s great if you don’t have linens that fit your theme or colour scheme, and it also makes clean up really easy.

wrapping paper table runner

2. Washi Tape Straws

Personalize your stripped paper straws with  washi tape. Choose a colour and pattern that works for your colour scheme and wrap it around a pretty paper straw. Trim the edge with a decorative V, and then use a black sharpie to add a personal message perfect for your occasion.

washi tape party decorations

3. Washi Tape Cake Bunting

This Washi Tape Cake Bunting is so simple and adds so much fun to the cake, it also helps tie everything together by repeating the washi tape, and the colour scheme.  

how to make your own cheap party decor

To make it just wrap a piece of tape around a piece of ribbon tied to two paper straws.  Then, cut the end of the tape into a V shape.  You can use any colours or patterns of tape to match with your party colours.

washi tape bunting

4.  Mini Paper Party Hats for Plastic Animals

Get out your glue gun for this fun and easy DIY.  

DIY cheap party decor

Make mini size party hats out of some simple scrapbook paper.  I recommend paper instead of card stock for this craft, since it’s so tiny and the paper is more flexible and easier to make into a cone than card stock would be.  

DIY party decor ideas

Use your glue gun to secure the cone hats and add a little mini pom pom to the top.  To attach the party hats to the plastic animals, I used a little drop of hot glue, that should be easy to pull off afterwards.  We used cute forest animals, but farm animals or jungle/safari animals would be fun too.

toy animals in party hats

5.  Mini Vintage Glass Bottle Vases

Make mini vases out of  inexpensive vintage glass bottles.  These bottles were picked up for no more than $1-$2 each at an antique fair.  Look for them at antique stores as well.  Then use inexpensive grocery store flowers in them for a beautiful centrepiece.

vintage bottle vases

This party decor was so easy to put together, and you can customize it all for any colour scheme you like.  

cheap party decor ideas

With inexpensive DIY party decor ideas, life really is a party!

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