How To Host A Bridgerton Themed Viewing Party

Bridgerton Themed Viewing Party: themed foods, mocktail or cocktail, decor, and party game perfect for any Bridgerton themed party.

Bridgerton Viewing Party Ideas

Where are my Bridgerton fans at?  Dearest gentle reader, I’m so excited to share my little Bridgerton watch party with you with ideas for food, decor, and even a game to play as you watch.

I set my party up as a viewing party to enjoy as we watch the show, especially great for enjoying a new Bridgerton season, but all these ideas would be great for any Bridgerton-themed party.  Bridgerton is one of my favorite shows, and I’m so excited for the premiere of Bridgerton this season.  If you’re a Bridgerton fan you could also use these Bridgerton party ideas for a Bridgerton tea party, bridal shower, baby showers, a birthday, or any special occasion where you want to enter the Bridgerton world.

how to host a Bridgerton party

Bridgerton Inspired Decor

As a viewing party I set up my Bridgerton party in the living room on the coffee table as the perfect way for us to watch the new episode of the latest season, and enjoy some refreshments.  

I started off with a lace tablecloth.  Look for these in the thrift store or an antique store.  The lace is the perfect extra touch of opulence.  And of course we couldn’t do Bridgerton without some lush floral arrangements.  We tried to make it look like we just picked the fresh flowers from an English garden.  I wanted showy flowers so I used peonies and roses in whites and pinks and a simple low glass vase, so we could see over it.  These pretty pastel shades were perfect.

how to throw a Bridgerton party

I also added in a pretty brass candelabra, also. from an antique store.  The candle light is such a pretty addition.  And one more pretty decor piece were these white gloves.  Also found at the antique store, they were the perfect little elegant decor to add to the table, as though someone from the Bridgerton family had just laid them down.

how to host a Bridgerton party

Bridgerton Themed Food Ideas

For this memorable event we had to have some Bridgerton inspired food.  We went with some savory snacks, a themed mocktail or cocktail, and  finished with a sweet treat.

Tea Cup Charcuterie

We stared off with our charcuterie tea cups, or “charcuterTEA”.   To make one, start with a pretty fine china tea cup, but instead of a spot of tea, we’re filling our delicate teacups with charcuterie for snacking while we watch.  This is such a fun way to serve charcuterie and so much easier for serving than a large charcuterie board.

tea cup charcuterie

Choose an assortment of crackers and breadsticks.  Tall items work well, so look for taller breadsticks and crackers to create some height.  Then add in some cheese.  We did some marble cheese, swiss cheese, and a baby bell.  Again try to add some height by slicing your cheese long ways.  

We also added a salami rose.  These are simple to make.  Just layer 4 round pieces of salami so that they in an overlapping line, then fold the whole line in half lengthwise, and roll into a simple rose.  

tea cup charcuterie

We also added a skewer with a pickled onion, gerkin, and half of the baby bell cheese.  Olives are a great option too.  For fresh fruit, we added a little cluster of grapes to the side.  And finally we garnished it all with some delicate flowers of baby’s breath and a rose bud as our finishing detail.  The floral decorations are the perfect Bridgerton touch.  Feel free to add some seasonal flavors with fruit or vegetables that are in season.

Prep these right before serving so that your crackers stay crisp and your cheese doesn’t dry out.  This is such a great way to serve charcuterie.  Not only is it super cute, but it’s nice that everyone gets their own personal serving to enjoy, and it’s such an easy way to serve.

tea cup charcuterie

This would also be so perfect for a Bridgerton high tea, served alongside your tea sandwiches.

Sparkling Diamond Cocktail or Mocktail

Tea is fine for tea parties, but for a viewing party how about serving our Sparkling Diamond.  This pretty cocktail or mocktail version starts off with a special ice cube.  We used a diamond shaped ice cube tray to make the perfect ice cube for the occasion.  This cocktail is the real diamond of the season.  

Sparkling Diamond Bridgerton themed cocktail mocktail with diamond ice cubes

Our sparkling diamond is made with sparkling lemonade.  We made an easy lemonade with simple syrup, lemon juice, and club soda, or use store bought sparkling lemonade.  If you want the cocktail version you can also add a shot of vodka.  We served our sparkling diamonds in a crystal champagne coupe, over our diamond ice cubes with a sprinkling of silver edible glitter.  These are so fun to go with our party theme.  Queen Charlotte herself would name this drink this season’s diamond!

Sparkling Diamond Bridgerton themed cocktail mocktail

Bridgerton Inspired Cake

We needed a sweet treat for our viewing party and decided on a Bridgerton inspired cake.  We used a simple cake mix and raspberry jam as the filling.  The cake is iced in Swiss meringue buttercream.  We used a simple plain tip and shell tip in two sizes with our piping bag.  The color scheme is pink and white.  We were inspired by the cake and sweet tent in season 3 filled with beautiful vintage style cakes of the Bridgerton time period.  These vintage style cakes are making a comeback, and this was perfect for our party with their delicate pattern, and great taste too.  If you’re not as confident in your cake decorating skills you could try serving some cupcakes with edible flowers on top for a similar look that’s a bit easier to create, and very pretty with the floral accents.

Bridgerton style cake vintage style

Bridgerton themed cake pink and white vintage style

Bridgerton Bingo

For our Bridgerton viewing party we created a Bridgerton Bingo game.  If you’re a fan of party games you will love this one.  On the bingo card each different square is filled with something to watch for as you view the tv show.  When you see the item, you can mark the square off with a bingo dabber or a marker.  As soon as someone has a complete line across, down, or diagonally.  You and your friends can play the game as you watch the latest episode of the new season.  This game should work for any season of the show.

Bridgerton Bingo free printables

If you are hosting a Bridgerton-inspired party for a shower or birthday you can also play this game with a bingo caller.  The caller cuts out the cards for calling ahead of time and adds them to a container and then draws them out and announces them one by one until someone gets bingo.

Bridgerton bingo free printable game cards

This Bridgerton bingo game is available as a free printable.  Just sign up for instant access to our Free Resource Library.  Once you subscribe to Life is a Party, you can access it, download it, and print it on your home printer or at an office supply store.

Bingo Prizes

Just for fun you might want to have a prize for the Bridgerton bingo that fits our themed.  Inspired by Penelope Featherington how about a beautiful pen and a stationary set.  Who knows who the next Lady Whistledown might be?  Or inspired by the afternoon tea theme, how about a little gift basket with a vintage tea cup, English breakfast and Earl Grey tea, and some cookies?  It’s perfect for a Bridgerton inspired tea time.  Or you could go with a copy of the Bridgerton books as another great themed prize idea.

how to host a Bridgerton themed party

This party was so much fun to put together for enjoying the newest season of Bridgerton.  I’m sure any fellow Bridgerton fans would love it.  We had a great time enjoying snacks, cocktails, cake, bingo and a visit to the world of Bridgerton and high society.

Bridgerton themed party ideas

Dearest reader, if you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy this upcoming season or half season release of Bridgerton with some friends, this viewing party is perfect.  These ideas would be perfect for any Bridgerton inspired party or get together.  Any members of the ton, or your friends would love a party inspired by these fun ideas.  Could there be a better way to enjoy a new episode?

Bridgerton themed party

With a Bridgerton viewing party to enjoy, life really is a party!

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