A “Favourite Things” 50th Birthday

Favourite Things 50th Birthday Party: the perfect 50th birthday party ideas for your husband. Favourite food, favourite dessert, and favourite people.

50th birthday party Idas for husband

My husband turned 50 yesterday (did I mention I’m much younger) 😉 and we had a little get together with all his favourite things to celebrate. I had a little trouble settling on a 50th birthday party ideas for my husband.  In years past we’d already done his Oscar the Grouch Party, and our Beer/Root Beer Tasting parties.  I  had visions of a big bash for his 50th, but he wanted to keep it a little more low key.

He wanted just a few close, close friends for an intimate dinner. Just his very favourite peeps, and take-out fried chicken, also a favourite, and so I thought a favourite things party would be a perfect theme.

50th birthday favourite things themed

50th Birthday Decor

The colour scheme for the party was kraft paper brown, silver and white. I ordered the big, big, silver 50 shaped balloons, loved them.

For the table I started with a simple kraft paper table runner, (quickly becoming one of my favourites). 😉

husbands 50th birthday party tablescape

I used simple white plates, and dressed up the paper bags with the cutlery in them, by stamping them with white polka dots, and tying them with a little twine and pompom yarn.

favourite things mason jar photo centrepiece

The centre piece was a lot of fun to create. I wanted to add a little vintage feel to the table, so I used mason jars. Some were filled with white tulips, and the rest had black and white photos of my husband throughout his 50 years, that I printed out on the computer. I love how it turned out, so easy and so pretty.

mason jar photo holder table centre piece

favourite things birthday party centre piece

Favourite Things Dinner

We had a really fun and super easy dinner of take-out fried chicken.  My husband and I have had a long held debate about which take-out fried chicken is the best, so we thought we’d have a little taste test to settle it.

We picked up some KFC, Church’s (my husband is so excited it’s finally available in Canada!), Mary Browns, and Popeyes. Everyone had a great time trying everything and all the sides, and it made the meal so easy for me. Perfect.

Afterward everyone had a chance to vote on their favourite fried chicken.  It was a really fun interactive dinner, with lots of fun debate about which food was best from chicken to all the side dishes.

men's 50th birthday favourite things dessert table

Favourite Things Dessert Table

I knew I wanted to do a fun dessert table on the buffet with all my husbands favourite desserts. We usually have a big, pink, and glittery Eiffel Tower art piece hanging in the dinning room, but I knew it wouldn’t work so well to create a dessert table that wasn’t too girly. I found a great old picture at a thrift store a while ago, and spray painted the frame white and the picture with chalk board paint to create a beautiful chalk board.

This project turned out great and I’m sure I’ll be able to use it over and over. To dress it up for the party, I made some tissue paper tassels. They were easy to make and really added a little party atmosphere.

mens 50th birthday party favourite things dessert table

On the dessert table I tried to incorporate lots of my husband’s favourites. I wanted it to be a little more masculine than the usual dessert table, so I incorporated some of his favourite hobbies, by stacking some of his favourite books, and adding a few Ferrari model cars.

Men's 50th birthday cookies

I made a coconut cream pie with a washi tape bunting on top. We also had some coconut and vanilla cupcakes, and some shortbread.  These are all favourites of my husband.

50th birthday dessert table

I made some “50” shaped sugar cookies, and decorated them with some edible glitter -I love a little sparkle.

50th birthday cookies

We also had his favourite kind of chocolate bars, and Quality Street chocolates.

50th birthday cupcakes

More Party Decor

I loved the tassels so much, I also made some for the fireplace in the living room.

mens 50th birthday decorations

I shopped the house to find the letters of his name, and I kind of like how they were all different sizes and finishes.

men's 50th birthday decorations

50 Favourite Things About You

A few weeks before the party, I emailed the guests and asked everyone to bring some cards with their favourite things about Roland, so we could present him with 50 cards for his 50th birthday. In the entrance I set up a place for our “50 favourite things about Roland”.

50th birthday 50 favourite things about you cards

I found a cute little metal mailbox, and made another washi tape bunting. After dinner we presented them to him, and he really, really loved them.

50th birthday 50 things I love about you

We had a wonderful evening, and to finish off the favourite things party, we sent our guests home with one of by husbands favourite books, as a grown-up loot bag. 😉

50th birthday favourite things party favour

Happy Birthday to my favourite boy, he makes my life a party! Love you Ro!

Favourite Things Party: the perfect 50th birthday party ideas for your husband. Favourite food, favourite dessert, favourite book as a party favour.

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