A Woodland Christmas Tree

Woodland Christmas Tree: decorated with lots of easy DIY ornaments you’ll be inspired to create your own woodland Christmas tree.
Woodland Christmas Tree: decorated with lots of easy DIY ornaments you'll be inspired to create your own woodland Christmas tree.

I’m so excited to share my Woodland Themed Christmas Tree with you this year.  I’ve had so much fun making and collecting all the woodland Christmas ornaments.  I just love how it turned out.

The Tree

When we finally finished our basement a few years ago, I was able to move the family tree, with all our homemade and vacation ornaments downstairs, and have a themed tree upstairs. The kids call it “Mom’s Tree”.

This tree was found on Kijiji for a great deal. I wanted a skinny tree so I could fit it at the bottom of our stairway. It very nice here since you can enjoy it from the living room, and the dining room. The first year I decorated it all in snowflakes, silver and white. When I decided to do a woodland theme this year, I knew I could use a lot of the ornaments I already had and just add a few for a woodland feel. All the glass, silver and glitter help my woodland theme take on a snowy, glitzy feel, which I really like, with just a little rustic added in.

Woodland Christmas Tree

DIY Woodland Animal Ornaments

My first idea for ornaments was to buy a tube of woodland animals from Michaels and spray paint them white and hang them on the tree. I used little screw-in round hooks on their backs, which worked great. They’re my new favourite. I love how they turned out.

DIY woodland Christmas ornaments

Birch Bark Ornaments

I also made some birch bark Christmas ball ornaments. I bought glass balls at Michaels, and removed the tops from them.

DIY birch bark Christmas ornaments

Then I used small strips of birch bark, peeled off some birch wood, and curled them with scissors like you would ribbon. I just slipped them into the balls and put the tops back on.

how to make birch bark Christmas ornaments

They look so sweet. I really like how they turned out.

DIY birch bark Christmas ornaments

Feather Ornaments

Along the same lines, I made a set with feathers as well.

DIY feather Christmas ornament


I also wanted to use some pinecones. I made two types of pinecone ornaments. For the first one I used some pine cones left over from making my white pine cone wreath, that had been spray painted white. I just added little round screw-in hooks to the tops.

pinecone Christmas tree ornament

I also had these fun, large spruce cones. To decorate them I just added a little white paint to the tips to make them look snow covered, since I wanted the tree to be a combination of silver, white, glass and glitter, but also mix in some natural brown.

pinecone Christmas ornament

Acorn Ornaments

Another natural element I added were the acorns made from Easter eggs that I made this fall, see the whole tutorial here. I just added some clear fishing line to the stem to hang them from.

DIY acorn Christmas ornament

Rustic Decorative Balls

I also added a few different decorative balls. These birch balls where made by hot gluing strips of birch bark to styrofoam balls. I also used some twig balls, and fun moss balls. To add to the moss balls, I wrapped them in a little white, fuzzy yarn. Love how they turned out.

a-Woodland Christmas Tree Ornaments 131

They look great tucked into the tree.

a-Woodland Christmas Tree Ornaments 107

Store Bought Woodland Ornaments

When I decided to do a woodland theme, I started seeing so many cute decorations in stores. A lot of them are more of the red, felt, rustic lodge style that won’t work with my silver, and glitter winter woodland look. But here’s some that I found that really fit my look and that I couldn’t resist.


collage2 woodland christmas tree ornaments

1. White Owl  2. Book Page Nest  3. Glitter Acorn  4. Silver Mushroom 

Silver, White, and Glass Balls

I mixed all these new ornaments, bought and handmade, in with the white, glass, and silver ones I already had. Like these pretty little birds, and lots of glass balls.

a-Woodland Christmas Tree Ornaments 109

Tree Skirt

And as a tree skirt for our woodland tree, I used beautiful, warm,and fuzzy sheep skin rugs. The creamy one is real, from IKEA, and the white one is faux, a fun find at HomeSense. I love how they connect with the beautiful pillows on the couch.

a-Woodland Christmas Tree Ornaments 150

With a fun woodland winter wonderland tree like this, life really is a party!

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  1. What a great tree and so many great ideas. Thank you for stopping by to visit my table. I really appreciate your kind words.

    Accomplished Woman

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