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Back To School Marshmallow Pencil Snacks

Back To School Marshmallow Pencil Snack: really easy to make with your kids and the perfect treat to celebrate back to school.
Back To School Marshmallow Pencil Snacks: really easy to make with your kids and the perfect treat to celebrate back to school.

It’s almost that time of year around here… back to school.  Our marshmallow pencil are the perfect back to school snack to soften the blow.  They’re easy to make, and lots of fun to eat.

Back To School

We’ve got two weeks of summer vacation left.  I spent my morning having my girls try on their old fall and winter clothes.  Now I know what still fits, and what they need for back to school.  Tomorrow we’re taking on the back to school shopping.  And, we all have mixed emotions.  Who doesn’t love sleeping in, beach days, crafting partners, lazy days, and no bed times.  

But, we love fall too, and new clothes, and brand new pencil crayons, and cooler days and even back to routine.  And since we’re all about making life a party, we can’t let this big seasonal change go by without a little celebrating.

back to school snack

I was thinking the other day about cute school themed treats, and came up with this Back To School Marshmallow Pencil Snack. If your littles are anything like mine, marshmallows and chocolate are sure to be a hit.

How To Make Our Marshmallow Pencil Back To School Snack

All you need to make these sweet treats are coloured mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and some long toothpicks, or even bamboo skewers that you could cut down a little.

  • coloured mini marshmallows
  • chocolate chips
  • long toothpicks or skewers

how to make a pencil themed back to school snack

These are super simple, and something your kids might like to help with, like mine did.

Back To School Marshmallow Pencil Snacks

To make them, thread yellow mini marshmallows onto a toothpick, and add one pink one to the end to resemble the eraser on a pencil, and one chocolate chip (on the sharp end of the toothpick) to be the tip of the pencil. (If you’re serving these to younger kids, but sure they are careful not to bite or eat the toothpick.)

Back To School snack for a party

These would be great for a back to school party, or for a back to school family dinner.  We have a back to school family dinner to hear all about their first day every year, see last year’s and the year before that here for some inspiration.

Marshmallow Pencil Snacks

If there’s one thing I know about making everyday life a party, it’s that little things done with love turn everyday life into a party.

Back To School party

Sometimes making little people feel extra special feels like the hardest job in the world…and then other days all it takes is a bag of marshmallows and few chocolate chips.

With Back To School Marshmallow Pencil Snack, life really is a party!

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