Jelly Donut Pancakes

Hi, Maddie here -I’m the youngest member of the “Life is a Party” family and I love to bake.  Today I’m taking over the blog for my mom, and  I’m going to be sharing an amazing recipe for Jelly Donut Pancakes. I make these pancakes quite often on school mornings. I’ll get up earlier than… Read More »

Three Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream

This Three Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream is sooo yummy, and soooo easy.  The perfect combination!  It’s a no cook also.  It’s really checking all my boxes. This is a perfect recipe to make with kids this summer -even toddlers could do this one. You will need to break out your ice cream maker -this is the… Read More »

Canada Day Chocolate Bark

This year celebrating Canada Day will be extra special for Canada’s 150 th birthday!  There’s sure to be lots of fun celebrations and potluck parties happening, and this is the perfect, easy treat to make and bring to any Canada Day celebration. It’s great for a dessert table, or a snack at a party.  I’ve… Read More »

No-Cook Homemade Hot Sauce

This No-Cook Homemade Hot Sauce is perfect for Father’s Day.  Let’s face it, he doesn’t want another tie, but he’ll love the homemade version of one of his favourite hot sauce. This no-cook version is super simple to make -it only takes a few minutes to whip together and is sure to impress. This isn’t… Read More »

Classic Cheese Cake

If you don’t have a Classic Cheese Cake Recipe that’s a regular go-to for you, then this recipe is perfect.  It’s great for company, birthdays, or to bring with you when you’re invited over to someone’s house and offer to bring dessert. My husband and I have been making this Classic Cheese Cake for years… Read More »

Fried Chicken and Waffles

Today I’m sharing this amazing recipe for Chicken and Waffles.  It’s perfect weekend food, and with Maple Syrup season in full swing here in Ontario, this really is the best way to enjoy some Maple Syrup. When I was a kid I had some pretty strict food rules.  One of which was no mixing sweet… Read More »

Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Italian Sausage

This Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Italian Sausage is a real family favourite.  It’s easy to put together, since it uses premade gnocchi from the pantry, and it’s so, so good. I discovered gnocchi one day after a discussion at a play date.  A friend of mine who comes from an Italian background was talking about… Read More »

Nutella Mini Donuts

If you’re a donut lover, and a Nutella lover, these Nutella Mini Donuts are a match made in heaven!  Sweet little bites of sugary, chocolatey, hazelnutty goodness. I’ve used the same donut dough that I used for my mini jelly donuts -but this time they’re rolled in powdered sugar, and filled with Nutella. My girls… Read More »

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