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Beach Campfire

Summer Beach Campfire Picnic: A fun menu of hotdogs, smores, and campfire baked apples, along with some simple decor make the perfect beach campfire picnic.
Summer Beach Campfire Picnic: A fun menu of hotdogs, smores, and campfire baked apples, along with some simple decor make the perfect beach campfire picnic.

This month for our #ayearoffeasting we had a great Summer Beach Campfire Picnic with friends, and it was so much fun.

Summer Beach Campfire Picnic


We visited some friends and were introduced to one of their favourite spots, a little out of the way tucked in section of the lake where we were allowed to light a fire.  

I brought lunch, and we had a great time roasting hotdogs, marshmallows and apples on the campfire.

beach cookout

This was such a fun way to get together, with everyone entertained by the lake, enjoying cooking their own yummy lunch and chatting and playing away the afternoon.

how to host a beach picnic for friends

If you’re not able to have a campfire on the beach, a picnic would be really great too.  This is the perfect way to host friends if your house is too small for big groups, or you struggle with all the cleaning and prep of having people at your house, or you just want to get out and enjoy the summer weather.  

Worth The Effort

I have to say, after hosting 6 parties for the A Year of Feasting Challenge -read more about it here, I wasn’t as enthusiastic about another party as I have been in past months.  Let’s face it, it’s a lot of work to entertain…But, but, but when I was sitting on the beach enjoying the sound of the waves, and kids laughing and screaming over the cold water, and munching on all the yummy foods I was so glad that we’d gone to the effort.  We forget so often that it’s worth it.  Just about every time, it’s worth it.  And, it doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun, it could involve cute bunting, but it certainly could also not, and be just as much fun.

s'mores on the beach

Beach Campfire Menu

  • roasted hotdogs
  • chips
  • s’mores
  • campfire baked apples

Our menu was simple and delicious.  We started out roasting hotdogs.  I love this cute little condiment caddy and it was super convenient.  I used a wood caddy I had, and added the condiments in pretty mason jars.  Perfect for the cottage or even just the backyard too.

winner roast ideas

Along with our hotdogs, we had some chips.  I served them up in little paper bags, which meant no plates necessary and super easy cleanup.

Beach Campfire Picnic menu

After the hotdog roasting, it was time for some sweets -in between visiting, sand play, swimming and exploring that is.

Summer Beach Campfire Picnic

I brought some smore fixings, because campfires require smores.

s'mores and tea picnic on the beach

I also set up a little tea station for the grownups.  It was so nice to have a nice hot cup of tea on the beach.  The big thermos container kept the tea nice and hot, what a treat.  

Along with our s’mores I also brought along some apples to bake.  You can find the recipe for the baked apples by clicking here.  They were  a great addition to the campfire feast.

campfire baked apples

What a fun day, we came home with sun kissed faces, sand in our shoes, and full and happy hearts.

beach campfire picnic

Summer Beach Campfire Picnic

This year of feasting on food and friends really is turning out amazing!

Summer Beach Campfire Picnic

With a Summer Beach Campfire Picnic, life really is a party!

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