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Breakfast Picnic

Yellow Breakfast Picnic: breakfast picnic with yellow decor and links to all the recipes including homemade croissants and a yogurt parfait bar!

Yellow Breakfast Picnic: breakfast picnic with yellow decor and links to all the recipes including homemade croissants and a yogurt parfait bar!

We’ve been having a lovely summer so far…and I wish I could slow it down, and squeeze every bit of goodness out of it! Last week we were at the lake for vacation and one morning we treated ourselves to the most perfect little breakfast picnic. What a way to enjoy the most important meal of the day!

You could do an early morning perfect breakfast picnic and enjoy the sunrise with a picnic breakfast before the summer heat gets too bad. We were enjoying warm weather, but it wasn’t too hot beside the lake, so we had enough time to have a later start. In fact it was great to slow down and really enjoy ourselves at a picnic brunch. Any time of the day in the morning would be great for a breakfast picnic.

A beautiful breakfast picnic with yellow decor and links to all the recipes including homemade croissants and a yogurt parfait bar!

Why We Love Picnics

When I recently asked my followers what keeps them from entertaining more, one of the reasons that seemed to resonate with a lot of people was the challenge of their home…either the size, or the task of cleaning up for company, or being in the middle of renos, or it just not feeling like it’s really up to company. I was inspired to put together a series of summer picnic posts just in time for picnic season to help with just that little problem. A few weeks ago I shared an easy beach picnic, and today I want to share all the details of this picture perfect Breakfast Picnic get-together.

make your own yogurt parfait bar


Yellow Colour Scheme

When I thought about a breakfast picnic, sunny yellow just seemed like the perfect colour scheme for the summer time. I shopped my house and found a couple pretty yellow table cloths and the beautiful yellow vintage sheet bunting. The bunting was made last summer for a friend of a friend’s wedding. 

To make the bunting I shopped second hand stores and found some vintage sheets with lots of yellow. I ripped the sheets into strips and combined them with some lace and ribbons tied to some twine for a pretty yellow bunting. It was perfect for our picnic tied between some tree branches beside the lake.

yellow bunting made from vintage sheets

The mini lightbox that says “Picnic Party” was a fun detail too.

breakfast picnic party

I used some vintage crates to carry everything as our picnic basket, and they doubled as the perfect little picnic tables. Look out for them at antique shops, they’re so handy. We didn’t have any distant to walk with these, so the weight wasn’t an issue. If you were carrying things further than light weight plastic containers might be a better way to pack up your food, and a backpack might be better than crates.

yellow breakfast picnic on the beach

Summer Breakfast Picnic Menu

Our menu for breakfast was sooooo good. What could be better than a morning on the beach with good food? There so many great easy picnic food ideas for breakfast. We kept things pretty simple but very delicious.

Breakfast Picnic Drinks

We had some mango orange juice in little reusable glass bottles, and some coffee because -breakfast. The coffee was in the prettiest to-go cups, perfect for a picnic. Bring a thermos of coffee, and refill as needed on the beach. I wanted there to be options for the whole family, so juice and coffee were great choices.

orange mango juice in glass bottles

Make Your Own Yogurt Parfaits

Then we had some great little yogurt parfaits. I set up a little make-your-own yogurt parfait bar with lots of fresh ingredients like our homemade granola -find our recipe here, along with some fresh fruit including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, toasted coconut, and chocolate all in little individual mason jars for guests to help themselves too. Another great option would be to combine all the fruit together in a larger fruit salad all in one large mason jar.

make your own yogurt parfait bar breakfast picnic

I put the greek yogurt into individual mason jars that were about 1/2 full so everyone could take one and add their own toppings. Instead of honey, which we usually have on top of greek yogurt, I brought some maple syrup. OMGoodness. I didn’t know how great it was with yogurt and now I can never go back, haha.

yogurt parfait buffet


And the star attraction of the picnic was by far the homemade croissants.

breakfast picnic pastries

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen that my youngest daughter loves to bake and had it on her summer bucket list to make chocolate croissants from scratch. Let’s face it, as parents we do a lot of investing in and supporting our kids, and we really don’t expect much in return except their happiness and a little gratitude, right?

Well boy did we hit the jackpot here -on the first attempt the croissants were AMAZING! This is the recipe she used, if you want to give them a try -your taste buds will thank you. She made half chocolate and half almond -with almond paste inside and sprinkled with slivered almonds. 

If you aren’t blessed with a 10 year old baker at your house, or have less time, you could also pick some up at with a quick run to your favourite bakery or grocery store. Any puff pastry danishes or croissants would be delicious.

Yellow Breakfast Picnic: breakfast picnic with yellow decor and links to all the recipes including homemade croissants and a yogurt parfait bar!

This picnic was so delicious and so much fun, and such a great way to start off the day. I hope you’re taking advantage of the summer weather and making a point to get out with friends for some yummy food and at least one picnic this summer -especially if your house is one of the reasons you don’t entertain more.

More Breakfast Picnic Food Ideas

We loved our simple menu, but our next picnic might include some muffins or quick breads. How about some cinnamon rolls. Any classic quiches would be a really great addition, and the perfect way to enjoy eggs one of the breakfast essentials, for breakfast. Or take a cue from continental breakfast and enjoy a savory breakfast with different kinds of cheese like cheddar cheese, creamy brie, smoked gouda, mozzarella cheese, or swiss cheese, with fresh bread like a rosemary focaccia bread or a whole grain baguette. Bagels would be a great option too with toppings like cream cheese or peanut butter, or even fresh veggies like red onions and salmon and little bit of fresh herbs.

Yellow Breakfast Picnic: breakfast picnic with yellow decor and links to all the recipes including homemade croissants and a yogurt parfait bar!

Shop The Party

And if you’re feeling inspired to host your own yellow picnic I’ve gathered up some sources from Amazon, so you can shop the party.

Yellow breakfast picnic

1. Yellow Polka Dot Paper Napkins, 2. Mason Jars, 3. Paper Striped Straws, 4. Wooden Disposable Spoons, 5. Yellow Paper Coffee Cups, 6. Glass Flip Top Bottles, 7. Yellow Turkish Towel Picnic Blanket, 8. Mini Lightbox, 9. Wooden Crates

With an early morning picnic for breakfast to start the day, life really is a party!

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  1. Wow, nice, the perfect summer lakeside breakfast! Making memories too!

    We no longer use Amazon for many reasons have switched to Walmart Ill look at walmart for some of your cute breakfast pieces.

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