Campfire Muffins

Campfire Muffins: make muffins over the campfire in orange peels, such a fun campfire recipe idea for breakfast or a snack.
Campfire Muffins:  make muffins over the campfire in orange peels, such a fun campfire recipe idea for breakfast or a snack.

I’ve been away camping for a few nights this week. We had a great time at the beach, going for long swims and making sand creatures.  Another highlight was making these campfire muffins using muffin mix in an orange peel!  These are a really fun idea for a campfire recipe that are really delicious.

campfire muffins

We had 5 Moms and 9 kids between us all on our camping trip, and decided to divide up the cooking so we all only had to do one meal for everyone, and lunches for ourselves. Since all of us are the main cooks at home, and cooking while camping is even more work, it was a real treat to have a little “time off”.

I made one of the dinners and for dessert decided to try these campfire muffins. The muffins are baked in a hollowed out orange peel used as a muffin cup. It makes the muffin have a delicious little orange taste and smell, and insulates the muffin from burning in the campfire.

how to make campfire muffins


  • muffin mix, egg and oil according to the package directions
  • 3 oranges
  • tin foil

I bought a blueberry muffin mix, and brought a zip lock bag to mix it in, and the oil and egg that it called for, along with some oranges.

how to make muffins over a campfire

I started with the oranges, cutting them in half and scooping out the fruit with out puncturing the peel.

muffin in an orange peel

how to make muffins when camping

I made the batter in the zip lock bag, and mixed by squishing it together. Then I cut off the corner and squeezed the batter into the orange peel muffin cups.

campfire muffins

To bake the muffins, you wrap the little cups in aluminium foil.

campfire muffins

Then you put your little bundles into the fire.

orange peel campfire muffins

I cooked them about 20 min., turning them after 10. I checked them with a little twig to see if they were done. The smell was amazing, fresh blueberry muffins, mixed with the scent of oranges.

campfire muffins

I thought they were really good, and so did Paige, who ate two. The other kids were more interested in campfire popcorn, and s’mores, but they were fun to make and enjoyed by the adults. 😉

camping food ideas

With fresh baked campfire muffins, life is a party.

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