Cruise Ship Kitchen Tour!

Cruise Ship Kitchen Tour: go behind the scenes on Royal Carribean’s Explorer of the Seas and see one of the ships dining room kitchens.

Cruise Ship Kitchen Tour: go behind the scenes on Royal Carribean's Explorer of the Seas and see one of the ships dining room kitchens.

Today I’m sharing a cruise ship kitchen tour.  It was part of the behind the scenes tour on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas cruise ship.

I have been away on vacation. My husband and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage in April, and to celebrate, we went on a cruise to the Caribbean like we did for our honeymoon! It was wonderful to escape the snow, and enjoy the beaches! We had a wonderful time on a 12 night cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas, with our two little girls, and my husband’s parents.

cruise ship kitchen tour

We left from New York, and went to 6 Caribbean islands.

cruise from New York

It was wonderful. I feel well rested…and very full! I didn’t take nearly enough pictures on the trip, but I did have one wonderful experience that I grabbed the camera for, and thought that you my blogging friends would love to see; a behind the scenes tour of one of the ships serving kitchens. Can you believe that they prepared and served over 160 000 meals on our cruise alone! We ate very well indeed.

Main Dining Room Kitchen

This is one of the main dinning rooms serveries; there are three.

Dish Washing Station

When you walk through the main doors, there is a dish washing station, so that the dirty dishes never have to come in contact with any food prep areas.

cruise ship kitchen

Cold Service Line

The next area, was the cold service line. Salads are prepared on one side, and placed in a double sided refrigerated unit, for waiters to retrieve on the other side. It’s all very efficient.

explorers of the seas cruise ship kitchen

On the prep side, they were preparing shrimp cocktail for that nights dinner.

cruise ship kitchen Explorer of the Seas

cruise ship kitchen

They were delicious, I had one as an appetizer that evening.

Bakery Area

Beyond the cold service area, was the bakery area. The smell there was wonderful. The ship makes all it’s own bread and pastries, and they are in abundance. Every meal includes both bread and sweet pastries. We joked that it was going to be hard to go back to not having dessert with breakfast! My girls loved fresh donunts every morning, and I loved the Danishes.

Explorer of the Seas cruise ship kitchen

Pictured here is some of the bread dough waiting to be shaped into buns for the evening meal. They use no preservatives in their breads, and keep them only two days. Leftovers are used for bread crumbs.

The Hot Line

Next we headed over to the hot line. The chef pointed out one of the unique qualities of ship ovens, the doors are made so that they side back out of the way and stay in place so they can check the meats cooking without any danger of the moving ship jostling the door closed into the chef causing a burn. Things you never think of on land.

cruise ship kitchen

All along the hot side, were different stations for the eight or so different entries offered each night.

Explorer of the Seas behind the scenes tour

Explorer of the Seas cruise ship kitchen tour

I noticed this sign on the wall about how to set up a bread basket. Every thing was done exactly right, every night.

cruise ship kitchen tour

Beverage Station

This last area was a beverage station, complete with filtered water, juices, pop, and the LARGEST coffee maker I’ve ever seen!

cruise ship beverage station Explorer of the Seas

All the food on the cruise was amazing, and it was really fun to get a little peek behind the scenes in one of the smaller serveries.

With a behind the scenes tour of at the cruise ship kitchen, life really is a party!

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