Laundry Room Art Printables

Laundry Room Art Printables: art for your laundry, three designs to choose from to add a little whimsy to the space, print on your home computer.

Laundry Room Art Printables: free printable art for your laundry, three designs to choose from to add a little whimsy to the space.

Laundry Room Free Art Printables

I’ve been working on a Laundry Room makeover and I thought it would be fun to add some art to the space.  I created a few fun laundry room art printables for the space.Laundry Room Art Printables

And this one because -ironing.

Laundry Room Art Printables
And last but not least, my favourite:

Laundry Room Art Printables

Vintage Clothes Hanger

I found some vintage clothes hangers and I thought they’d be a fun and very fitting way to display my laundry room art.  These are easy to find at the thrift store. 

Laundry Room Art PrintablesI printed the art on some card stock and hung it with the vintage clothes hanger.  To hang it on the wall I used a small, and a blue tack on the back of the art to keep it straight.  I think it’s really cute and adds a little whimsy to the room.

With fun free printable laundry room art, life really is a party!

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