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Father’s Day Donut Party Ideas

Father’s Day Donut Party Ideas -Easy DIY Donut Wall how-to, Donut banner, rice krispie donuts, and sprinkle candle holders.
Father's Day Donut Party Ideas -Easy DIY Donut Wall how-to, Donut banner, rice krispie donuts, and sprinkle candle holders.

Getting ready for Father’s Day?  You’ll love our Father’s Day Donut Party Ideas.

Father’s Day Donut Party Ideas

What Dad doesn’t love donuts?  Create an amazing donut wall and surprise him with a fun party centred around his favourite treat.

Father's Day Party Ideas

DIY Donut Wall

The fun centrepiece of this party was our DIY Donut Wall.  You’ll be surprised by how easy and inexpensive it was to put together.  And wow, was it yummy!

Father's Day Party Ideas

I started out with a small cork board from the second hand store.

DIY Donut wall

Next I laid out some parchment paper to cover it and arranged my donuts to give me an idea of how I wanted them spaced out.  I used a tape measure and some chalk to measure out all the spots for my nails to go that I would use to hang the donuts.  I used 2 1/2 inch finishing nails.

how to make a donut wall

Then I used a hammer to tap the nails into the cork board at a bit an angle, being careful not to go through the board.

Depending on the thickness of your cork board, you could reinforce the nails at the back with a little hot glue.  I found that if I added them at an angle they were stable enough.

DIY donut wall for a party

Another tip, the cake donuts are heavier that the yeast donuts.  We didn’t have any trouble with the weight of the donuts causing them to fall, but it’s something to consider, especially if the wall will be on display for a really long time.

Once my nails were all in, I gave the board a few coats of white semi-gloss spray paint.  Be sure to allow it to fully dry before using.

easy DIY Donut wall

Rice Krispie Donuts

Along with our donut wall, we also made some rice krispie donuts.

Rice krispy treat donuts

We used our mini donut pan to form them into donut shapes.  After they were set we dipped them into melted chocolate and added some sprinkles.

Father's Day Donut Party ideas

I love how cute they turned out.

Father's Day Party Ideas

We found a fun donut inflatable and thought it was the perfect decoration for a donut party, and we’ll have lots of fun with it the pool later.

Free Donut Party Printables

We also made some cute printables for the party.  You donut know how much I love you Dad!

You can download them for printing here.  We used the large one for framing and the small ones as napkin rings with a little baker’s twine.

Father's Day Party Ideas

Paint Chip Donut Banner

I also made a quick and easy donut banner out of paint chips from the hardware store.  We picked up a few paint chips in our party colours, and then found some circles to trace in the right sizes and made the cute banner.  I added a few sprinkles too.  You could use any colours to coordinate with your party decor.  I thought blue and chocolate were perfect for Father’s Day.

DIY donut banner

The donut banner was really easy to make, and a great one to get the kids helping with.

Father's Day Party Ideas

Donut Straws

And the donut banner inspired me to make a few cute donut straws too.  I used the leftover paint chips and made some mini donuts.  I used a hole punch to make the tiny centre hole for these ones, and then just hot glued them to paper straws.  They were really quick and easy to make and so cute.

Father's Day Party Ideas

Father’s Day Party Table Ideas

We used lots of blues for our tabelscape.  My favourite piece is the sweet vintage truck filled with succulents.  It seemed perfect for Father’s Day.

succulents in a vintage toy truck

I also used some letters to spell out DAD.  The D’s are actually old bookends, and the A is from some wall decor.

Father's Day Party Ideas

Sprinkle Candles

To fit in with our donut theme, I also made some really easy sprinkle candles.

Father's Day Donut Party ideas

I picked up some sprinkles at the bulk food store in our party colours and filled mini mason jars with them, and added a tea light.

Donut Party sprinkle candles

This was a really fun party, and my husband and kids LOVED it.  We ate too many donuts and had a really fun time.

Father's Day Party Ideas

I hope you’re feeling inspired to celebrate a Father in your life with all our Father’s Day donut party ideas.

Father's Day Donut Party

With a Father’s Day donut party ideas like these, life really is a party!

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Father's Day Party Ideas

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