DIY Felt Garland

DIY Felt Garland: use old wool sweaters to make your own felt in any colour, and then cut out, and sew into a garland with your sewing machine.felt circle garland

I love this amazing DIY felt garland I created out of old wool sweaters.  It’s really fun to make and you could make it any colour you like to match your decor or occasion.


  • all wool sweaters from the thrift store
  • golf balls
  • pillow case
  • scissors
  • sewing machine 
  • thread

How To Make A DIY Felt Garland

I picked up some wool sweaters at the thrift store to make my garland.  They were all in creams and whites, but you can use any colour you like.  I started out by felting the sweaters, which means you can leave a raw edge and it won’t fray, just like regular felt.

Making Felt

To create felt you need to find wool sweaters, and for these which are a little extra special, I also used some with other animal fibres, including a blend of cashmere and angora. Here they are before.

how to felt a wool sweater

To turn the sweaters into felt, you wash them in your washing machine with hot water, and dry them in your dryer on high heat. I read a few on-line tutorials which suggested you wash them in a pillow case to collect the fuzz that is created and can clog up your washer, and also throw in a few golf balls. 

how to felt a wool sweater

After the wash, I was amazed by the amount of fuzz in the pillowcase. I was also amazed at how felted they were, they shrunk a great deal, and the felt that was created is far thicker than any I’ve had in the past with just a simple hot wash without the pillowcase and golf balls.

how to make felt out of a sweater

how to felt a wool sweater

I love the cream fuzzy felt so much, and thought that cut into circles and sewed into garland it would make a delicate garland reminiscent of snowballs. 

Cutting Circles

To begin with, first I traced several small sizes of circles on my three different sweaters, which all made slightly different felt, some thicker, some fuzzier. I used a small container, a spool, and a penny as my patterns. The penny looks cute, but was difficult to sew because it is so small.  You will need really sharp scissors to make felt cutting a little easier.

DIY felt garland

DIY felt circle garland

After a lot of cutting!

how to make a felt garland on your sewing machine

Sewing The DIY Felt Garland

It was time to sew. You start stitching the first circle and continue stitching after it feeds through the machine for a few seconds, then you stop the machine and lift the foot to feed in the next circle. You stitch it, and continue on again, and just repeat that over and over to your desired length.

I love the look of a random pattern, so I choose the size of the circle at random, and varied the length of space between circles, but you could follow a pattern, and or, count how many seconds of space you stitch to create a pattern.

how to make a felt garland on your sewing machine

I love how it turned out, especially the way it actually looks soft. It does kind of look like snowballs.

DIY felt garland

DIY felt garland

I added it to the fireplace mantel in my living room.  A little tip for attaching a garland to your fireplace without having to leave nail holes in the wood is to use suction cup hooks.

DIY felt garland

This fireplace holds my Christmas glitter house village. I made the village houses entirely out of old cereal boxes, see how I did it here.

DIY felt garland

This project really was simple, and I’d love to try it for a party with coloured felt circles or in a shape that matched the party theme. The possibilities are endless.

With a DIY felt garland, life really is a party!

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  1. I love your fireplace/mantel! So beautiful! The garland is great – I love those paper ones too and hadn’t thought of using fabric. The white really does look like snowballs and accents the village so nicely. Great tip about the suction cups too. Must file that tip away!

  2. I love it! I haven’t seen many garlands this holiday season, I’m glad you posted one. It’s the perfect accent to your mantel. I featured you today on my favorite things 🙂

  3. I Love your felted snowball garland, I’m amazed that you could just sew the threads & leave the space and continue to add more, I would think the threads would tangle…. Thanks for sharing

  4. lovely! but 100% wool sweaters are HARD to find ! I look every wk. at our local thrift shops all yr. long. I have been looking for several yrs. now with no luck.

  5. Good luck with the wool sweaters, they don’t have to be 100% wool, it’s okay if they have some other animal fibre like cashmere or angora. Happy Hunting!

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