DIY Book Page Paper Feather Garland

How To Make Book Page Paper Feathers: using old book pages, a glue stick and a wire for a centre make beautiful feathers.
How To Make Book Page Paper Feathers: using old book pages, a glue stick and a wire for a center make beautiful paper feathers.

I love this time of year, and decking the halls with lots of pretty Christmas touches.  There’s nothing better than a few simple handmade additions each year.  We’ll show you how to make Book Page Paper Feathers with Gold Glitter today.  They’re perfect for Christmas as a decoration, or gift topper, or any time of year.

How To Make Book Page Paper Feathers

This month for our #12MonthsofDIY challenge we’re working with paper -check out the other 11 projects from my friends at the end of the post.  I decided to use paper book pages to make these gorgeous feathers.  They’re really simple to make,and use inexpensive, simple supplies you probably have on hand.

use old books to make paper feathers

Book Pages

I love making paper crafts.  Paper is such a versatile craft supply, it’s inexpensive and easy to access.  We used book page paper for our this project.  I love using the pages of old books in crafting.  Some people really don’t like the idea of using books in crafting.  They don’t like the idea or damaging books, even if they’re old.  Unfortunately lots of old books end up in landfill. Finding ways to upcycle old books that might end up in the garbage is a great way to reduce them.  Obviously we’re not using new books for this purpose.  Look for old books at garage sales, and thrift stores that are perfect to use in crafting, and give a second life to.

As an alternative to the book pages you could also use regular paper in different colors, or scrapbook paper.  I think paper works better here than cardstock, because the feathers will be double thick with two pieces of paper and the cardstock paper would be too thick.  We want a light and feathery effect, which paper will work better to create.

The Glue

We choose to use a glue stick for this simple craft.  This works really well.  It’s nice and sticky, but works great on paper, without the worry of wrinkling the paper  like white glue can sometimes because of its high moisture content.  This isn’t the time to use hot glue.  It’s too thick for this craft. It would add to much bulk, and it would be difficult to cut through when it’s time to cut the fringe.

The Wire

We used a white craft wire, that came in long pieces.  Use wire cutters to trim the wire, so that you don’t damage your scissors.  You want a wire that’s thick enough to hold the shape of the feather easily, but thin enough that it’s easy to work with, bend, and cut through.  I was a big fan of how the white color of wire worked with the book pages, but most colors of wire would be fine.  It’s just a matter of your personal preference.

DIY Paper Feathers


      • old books
      • glue stick
      • wire
      • scissors
      • glitter

How To Make Book Page Paper Feathers:

Creating The Feather

We started by ripping a few pages out of an old book.  The size of your book will help determine the size of your feather.  We made the top of our feathers about 3-4 inches long.

Next we positioned a wire on the sheet of paper and then glued another piece of paper on top to make a make a wire sandwich.  This wire will be the spine of the feather we’re creating.  Our wire was about 6-7 inches long.

Creating The Feather Shape

Using scissors, cut the paper into the shape of a feather, with the wire as the centre of the feather, and the wire coming out at the bottom of the feather.  Some natural variation between each of the individual feathers is great, because it looks more authentic.  You want to roughly create a long leaf shape.  You may want to look at  some real feathers as inspiration for the shape of the feather your cutting out.

Cutting The Fringe

Next, cut out a few notches in the side of the feather.  Then cut the feather like a fringe with narrow strips, and on a slight angle like real feathers.  The wire ensures that you can’t cut too far, and makes this step much easier than without a wire.

Next, after the glue on the paper feather craft has dried a little, ruffle up the fringe slightly to give the feather some dimension.  Just very slightly crumbling up the sides of the feather really helps make the look of the feathers be a little more realistic, and interesting. 


Lastly, an optional step, is to add glitter to the book page feathers.  Add some glitter to just the tips of the feather.  We used gold glitter in two different sizes, first a regular craft glitter and secondly a slightly larger glitter.  The combination of the two adds lots of interest and Christmas sparkle,  You could use any colors of glitter you like, to match your decor.  A brown glitter would work really well with the book pages too.  

If you’re using your feathers for something other than Christmas or want a more natural look, feel free to skip the glitter.

How To Make a Feather out of paper

Yield: paper feathers

DIY Book Page Paper Feathers

DIY Book Page Paper Feathers
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • old books
  • glue stick
  • wire
  • glitter


  • scissors


    1. Rip a few pages out of an old book, and glue two pages together with a wire down the centre, in-between the two pages.
    2. Cut the paper into a feather shape, with the wire as the centre of the feather, and sticking out the end.
    3. Next, cut out a few notches in the feather, and then cut the feather like a fringe with narrow strips, and on a slight angle like a real feather.
    4. After the glue dries ruffle up the fringe slightly to give the feather some dimension.
    5. Optional: Add some glitter to the tips of the feathers.
I love the look of these pretty little feathers, all dressed up for the holidays with a little glitter.  I made a pretty little paper feather garland with my book page paper feathers, and also used a few with a little holiday nest.  These would be really cute as a gift topper too, or as ornaments on a Christmas tree in your living room.  You could use them for lots of other occasions other than Christmas.  They’d be a great addition to a woodland or forest themed birthday party, wedding shower, or baby shower.  

More Ideas for Paper Feathers

I love the look of glitter for the holidays.  And you can use different colors of glitter to create different looks.  We used book pages for our feathers and it adds lots of beautiful texture and interest.  Another option would be to use colored paper for your feathers.  Or add a little color to the bookpage feathers by using watercolours to add some color to them.  It would be great on the tip of the feather, just be sure to paint both sides of the feather so that it doesn’t curl as it dries.  This would be great to tie into the color scheme of a birthday party  or baby shower if you were using these as party decor.

These paper feathers take just a few simple steps.  They’re inexpensive and easy to create, and they look so cute.  String them together into a garland or use them individually in your decor.

With Book Page Paper Feathers, life really is a party!

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  1. Eeeek, I adore anything feather and this garland is so gorgeous! The gold dusting on the ends is making me want to rush out and buy all the glitter! I love the simplicity of this garland and the impact, just wow! Gurl, you know how to do garland!

  2. Scandi-chic as always! Beautiful garland. I love how you’ve delicately placed the glitter on the end of the feathers (not just pasted it on in huge gobs like I do). This garland is totally boutique worthy!

  3. This is so clever and so creative! How resourceful to use pages from an old book! I have to admit the gold glitter touch is my favourite! Great project idea!

  4. These are too pretty for words!! Just another idea…magazine colored papers could be used if you wanted colors. I LOVE how you did yours tho! I made some colored ones for a card for a bird loving friend and added shimmering glitter and she loved her card. We’ve both been bird watchers since we were kids. Thanks for sharing the Great idea!

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