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Holly Jolly Woodland Kids Christmas Party

Woodland Kids Christmas Party: This red and green woodland animal printable party package includes kids activity placemats and everything else for your party.

Woodland Christmas Party: This red and green woodland animal printable party package includes kids activity placemats and everything else for your party.Today is Day Three in sharing our Christmas Printable Package and we have the cutest kids Christmas party to share with you.  This is the first set we made for this package and it is so, so cute.  If you love a little woodland at Christmas and traditional red and green then this is the party set for you.

Home For Christmas Ebook and Printable Toolkit

Our Home For Christmas Ebook and Printable Toolkit is a whole set of 12 different printable sets that contains everything you need for the holidays.  There are 7 different party sets, as well as lunch box jokes, gift tags, gift card holders, advent activities, and Christmas art.  Our readers told us that their biggest struggle when it comes to celebrating the holidays was time.  So we put together everything you need all in one place to save you running around and gathering it all.  All you have to do is purchase and print at home or upload to your favourite office supply store and print there.  This year spend less time preparing and more time celebrating.  


Each individual set is available in our Etsy shop, or purchase the whole package here.  Our way of saying Merry Christmas.

Woodland Christmas Party

Kid’s Table

For our party we set up the sweetest kid’s table, but this set would be lovely for a playful family party too.

kids Christmas table

To add a little Christmas feel to the chairs we tied on some simple red and white stripped ribbon.  I love how little inexpensive details like this can add so much to a party.

kids Christmas table

For this party set we created these activity placemats.  

Kids woodland Christmas party Formatted to print on legal size regular paper, they’re perfect as placemats.

kids printable Christmas activity placemat

 We added some pencil crayons to the table so the kids could work on all the little activities.  This would be perfect to keep little ones happy and occupied at a family party.

Kids Christmas table with animal toys

On the table we used the little juice bottles that have been painted with gold paint at the bottom, along with our printable straw flags, and a candy cane.

Drinking bottle with a paper straw and candy cane

There are also some printable place cards in the set, or you can use them as food labels, or both like we did.

Christmas place card

Woodland Christmas Party Animals

We also added some animal friends to the table.  Inspired by the cute little creatures on the printable, we added in some toy ones.  And since it’s Christmas everyone got a their own teeny tiny Santa hat too.

Toy animal models in mini Santa hats

To make the hats we used some red card stock and mini white pom poms.  

making mini paper Santa hats for toys

Just cut out a cone like shape, and then hot glue the paper into a hat shape and add the pom pom on the end.  To attach the hats to the animals we used a little more hot glue.  When the party’s over, just pop them right off and the glue should leave no mark at all.

toy fox model in a santa hat

Treat Table

We also set up a little treat table at the side for this party.  Over the table we hung our beautiful “Holly Jolly” banner that’s part of the printable set.  Just print on card stock, cut out and use a hole punch to make some holes, then string on to baker’s twine.

Christmas treat table

On the sweets table we served up some cupcakes with cupcake picks from the printable set.  I love how they take plain cupcakes to the next level.

Christmas cupcakes

There’s also some more of our little creature friends.

Christmas toy animals in Santa hats

And we made more Santa hats for the party, but these ones are for eating.  

strawberry and marshmallow Santa hats

These were so simple to make and such a huge hit.  

strawberry and marshmallow Santa hats

Start with regular size marshmallows for the base, cutting off about a third of one.  Place them sticky side up on a serving plate, and then layer on a strawberry that you’ve trimmed the stem off of and made flat.  For the top of the hat, trim a tiny slice off of a mini marshmallow so that it’s sticky too and stick that part to the strawberry.  The sticky marshmallows should hold everything in place.  

Strawberry and marshmallow Santa hats

And since it’s a Christmas party, we had to include more candy canes.

candy canes in a jar

This party set up couldn’t be any cuter, could it?  How about creating something magical for the little ones in your life this Christmas with this beautiful printable set.

Christmas party treat table dessert table red and green

You can purchase the Holly Jolly Woodland Christmas Set here. 

kids woodland Christmas party

Or go for our best value and purchase the entire Christmas Party Package at only $24.99 and have everything you need to celebrate the whole season at your finger tips.

Christmas Printable Package

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