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Storybook Advent Calendar

Storybook Advent Calendar: Wrap up 24 Christmas story books, and let your children pick a new one each to read together at bedtime.
Storybook Advent Calendar: Wrap up 24 Christmas story books, and let your children pick a new one each to read together at bedtime.

This Christmas I made my girls a storybook advent calendar.  My youngest is 7, but since her older sister is 10, it feels like we’re quickly getting past the little kid stage.  In fact, there’s already very few toys on their Christmas lists this year.  

Since they’re both reading chapter books now, and usually read on their own at bedtime I thought it might be nice to do a special “Read me a Story Christmas Countdown” this year.

 I’ve wrapped up 24 books, so that each night between Dec. 1 and Christmas, we can read a Christmas storybook together.

Storybook Advent Calendar

When I was a young mom, I wasn’t too keen on buying Christmas books, since I thought something general had much more reading potential throughout the year.  Ten years later, I see the value in Christmas books, it does come around every year, and reading them together brings back memories of earlier days and much younger little ones.  For our countdown I used about half old Christmas books we already had, and bought about 12 new ones.  I picked them up over about a month at second hand stores, the dollar store, and a warehouse outlet, and didn’t pay more than a couple of bucks for most of them.

how to make a Storybook Advent Calendar


  • 24 Christmas Books
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Suitcase, basket, or box

How To Make A Storybook Advent Calendar

1. Collect 24 Christmas books from your home, at second hand stores, or the bookstore.

2. Wrap them all up with wrapping paper.  I wrapped them all in brown paper;  it made me think of “brown paper packages tied up with strings…these are a few of my favourite things..”.  

3. To add to the magic factor, I used an old vintage suitcase, that looks like it could have been sent straight from the North Pole.  A basket, or box would work too.

vintage suitcase

I filled the suitcase up with some cotton and faux snow.  It helped add a little more magic.  I didn’t number the books, although you could.  Keeping it random, keeps them guessing about if it’s a new book or an old favourite each night.

children's advent calendar idea

I can’t wait to begin it with them, I’m picturing us all snuggled up together in our big bed in our jammies with a bedtime story each night.  I hope they love it.  With a “Read me a Story Christmas Countdown” life really is a party!

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