Teddy Bear Breakfast Party Ideas

Teddy Bear Breakfast Party Ideas: teddy bear decorations, party favours, and teddy bear themed breakfast food ideas.
teddy bear themed party ideas

This teddy bear themed breakfast party was so much fun.  We had lots of bear themed foods, and cute bear party decorations, sure to give you lots of ideas for your own teddy bear party.

Our teddy bear breakfast was at the end of a birthday sleepover.  We went out for dinner the night before, and my daughter had just a few special friends sleepover.  Our teddy bear breakfast was the perfect grand finale to our birthday celebrations.  The teddy bear theme is so perfect for a themed birthday party.  We love it for younger kids, and that it works for boys and girls.  It would also make an adorable teddy bear first birthday party, or to celebrate a baby shower.  All the bear details were a huge hit, and I had so much fun putting them all together.

teddy bear party

Teddy Bear Decorations

Teddy Bear Bunting

We kept the decor pretty simple for this special day, but I couldn’t resist a few simple teddy bear decorations.  I made a simple teddy bear bunting out of brown craft paper and card stock using my Cricut machine.  Look for image #M3EDB595F for the pattern I used, or create something similar by hand.  

DIY teddy bear decorations

Once they were cut out and glued together, I strung them together with some brown embroidery cotton and hung them on the back wall of our party room, which was the kitchen.  I love making my own custom party supplies, and this bunting turned out so cute.

teddy bear party decorations

Teddy Bear Letter Board

I also wanted to add a cute saying, so I used a letterboard to write “love you bear-y much”.  If you were celebrating a baby shower try writing “we can bearly wait” or for a first birthday “bearly one year old”.  The letter board worked great, but other options are a chalkboard, or a banner.

teddy bear party decor ideas

Teddy Bear Goodie Bags

We set our party favors off to the side.  They were filled with teddy bear goodies like teddy bear socks, teddy bear stickers, gummi bears, and teddy graham cookies.  They were a huge hit.  To make the bags I used regular paper bags and cut the top to look like bear ears.  Then I used a black sharpie and some card stock to make the cute little face.  These were really easy to make and such a cute addition to the party.  

teddy bear party DIY favour bags

Teddy Bear Table

For the main table we started out with a light brown gingham tablecloth.  I couldn’t find the color I wanted, so I went to the fabric store and bought some material.  You can hem the edge with a sewing machine, or iron-on tape, or fray the edges for a rustic look like I did.  

teddy bear tablescape

Teddy Bear Centrepiece

The food was the main star of the table, but we wanted a rustic, woodsy, forest vibe to go with our theme so we served it all on wood serving pieces.  I used some large round wood pieces as platters, and lined with some teddy bear waxed paper.  Along with the gorgeous food I added a pot of myrtle to the table for some height, and few tiny white pansies in terracotta pots.  Ferns would be a great choice too.  We also added some white flowers from the garden, their ferny leaves helped create the woodland feel.  I also tucked in some wood mushrooms which were whimsical and fun.  The different sizes of plants, flowers in small vases, and various sizes of mushrooms helped add interest to the table.

teddy bear party table

teddy bear party ideas

Place Settings

For the place settings I wanted to incorporate our bear theme.  I’m not always a fan of paper plates, but was inspired by them to use small wood plates and add some ears so they looked a little like bears.  I cut some small round pieces of wood, and placed them at the top to make the plates into bears temporarily and they looked so cute.  Large wood buttons would work well for this too.  We found some teddy bear glasses that were perfect at the Japanese dollar store.  We used simple white linen napkins.

teddy bear party

table ideas for teddy bear party

Teddy Bear Themed Food

I love seeing cute Japanese influenced teddy bear food and it was one of the influences that led me to the teddy bear theme.  We were serving breakfast, but some of these ideas would work anytime of day.

Bear Food Yogurt Parfait Board

My daughter thought it would fun to include some typical foods that bears eat.  This led me to create this fun yogurt parfait board.  When you think of bears favourite foods, berries and honey usually come to mind.  We used strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries on this breakfast board, along with greek yogurt, and honey in a bear shaped bottle.  We also added in some homemade granola -get the recipe here.  And lastly we added in some chocolate chip teddy bear cookies, honey or chocolate flavor would be great additions too.  It would have also been fun to include some real honeycomb if you can find some in your area.  It’s sometimes available at farmers markets.  Another fun addition would be honeycomb cereal.

Here’s a list of what to include:

  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • blackberries
  • greek yogurt
  • honey in a bear bottle
  • real honeycomb
  • granola
  • teddy bear cookies in chocolate chip, honey, and chocolate
  • honeycomb cereal

yogurt and granola breakfast board

yogurt and granola breakfast board

We thought it would also be fun to add in some smoked salmon, because salmon is another typical real bear food.  If you wanted to include smoked salmon you could include it as part of a bagel board with cream cheese, cucumbers, capers, lemon, and dill as well.

Bear Eggs and Toast

We made another breakfast board for our teddy bear party, and this one featured bear shaped eggs and toast.  I used a hard boiled egg mold to shape the eggs.  It’s very easy to use, you just hard boil some eggs, remove the shells and while they’re still warm place them in the molds over night.  When you remove them the eggs are teddy bear shaped and so cute.  

We served the eggs with some sausage and bacon and our teddy bear shaped toast.  We used a bread cutter to cut out the teddy bear shape and then toasted it topped with butter.  These were so cute and easy to make.

teddy bear breakfast board

teddy bear themed foods

Teddy Bear Donuts

We wanted to include a few sweet treats and these donuts were so easy to make.  We picked up some chocolate dip, double chocolate and old fashioned glazed donuts at the donut shop.  Any flavor of brown or beige donut works really well for this.  Then we used round chocolate wafers to make ears, a face, nose, and ears.  These were so adorable and so easy to make.  They were a crowd favourite at the party too.

teddy bear donuts

teddy bear donuts

Bear Claws

We also made some bear claw pastries for the party.  Get the easy homemade old fashioned bear claw recipe here.  These are made with store bought frozen puff pastry so they’re super quick to put together.  The shape gives them their bear claw name, and placing the sliced almonds on the ends to really look like bear claws was so cute.  These are not only cute, but really delicious with their crispy puff pastry and smooth and creamy almond filling inside.

bear claw pastries

More Ideas -Teddy Bear Pancakes

If we were serving more people I would have also included some bear face pancakes.  Just add ears to circle of pancake batter and make the face the detail afterward with some more chocolate chips and round chocolate wafers.

teddy bear breakfast

Teddy Bear Ice Coffee

We also found some really cute silicone teddy bear ice cube molds and could not resist making teddy bear ice cubes with frozen coffee to use in the cutest ice coffees ever.  We half filled the glass with cold coffee and then added a pump of vanilla syrup and topped it up with milk for a delicious start to the morning.  I made the ice cubes ahead of time and had them stored in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  We also made a pot of coffee and chilled it in the fridge.  This made it quick and easy to serve our teenage and adult guests.  

teddy bear ice coffee

You could also use this mold for juice or regular ice for younger kids.

We had so much fun at this little teddy bear birthday party brunch.  The decor was so sweet, and the food was delicious.  I love this idea for a child’s birthday.  It was the perfect after sleepover brunch for my teen daughter and her friends her enjoy.  This idea would be perfect for any teddy bear themed party.  It’s especially cute for first birthday parties, or baby showers.

teddy bear party ideas

With all these  teddy bear themed party ideas, life really is a party!

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old fashioned almond bear claw pastries

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