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Pancake Tuesday Party

Pancake Tuesday Party: Free pancake printable decorations, invite, and pancake jokes, and a pancake buffet with topping ideas.
Pancake Tuesday Party: Free pancake printable decorations and pancake jokes, and a pancake buffet make the perfect Pancake Tuesday celebration.

It’s almost Pancake Tuesday, and time to start thinking about a special pancake party.  No matter how old you are, who doesn’t love the idea of pancakes for dinner once a year?  This is such a fun tradition, and one that my family loves!

Pancake Tuesday Party

Entertaining on a weeknight can be tricky, but this easy party is perfect for family and friends.  I’ve made it a little easier with some beautiful free printables you can print, cut out and hang up for a festive atmosphere.

Pancake party ideas

Free Printable Pancake Party Banner

For the backdrop to the pancake buffet, I used inexpensive tissue paper and twine to create some pretty tissue paper tassels. These are really simple to make, and have a big impact.

shrove Tuesday party

The cute little watercolor pancakes were made by my youngest daughter Maddie.  I love them.  You can download them here.  Just print them on card stock, cut them out, and create your own pancake garland.

pancake party ideas

What’s cuter than a pancake?  A smiling pancake.

free pancake party printables

Free Printable Pancake Party Invitation

We also created a Pancake Party invite.  You can print it out and send it to friends for your own little get together.  Download it here, print it, cut it out and add in your details.

free pancake party invitation printable

Syrup Can Flower Vases

For the table, we used maple syrup cans for vases.

Pancake Tuesday party

I love that they have painted on labels, and such pretty pictures of little maple sugar shacks, and lots of forest trees.  The blue in the cans inspired the colour scheme of light blue for the party.  We kept the rest neutral with natural brown kraft paper and lots of white.

pancake party decor

Baby’s breath makes the perfect simple flower arrangements.

what to do on Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Party Table

For the place settings, I used some cute denim napkins and the sweetest printable pancake jokes.

Pancake Tuesday dinner ideas

Free Printable Pancake Jokes

The printables help take this get together from a simple dinner to a party.  Even if you’re just making pancakes for your kids, I guarantee they’ll love the pancake joke printables we came up with.  You can download them here.

free printable pancake jokes

Along with the jokes, I made some mini tissue paper tassels to tie the whole look together.

pancake jokes

Pancake Sugar Cookies

I also made a batch of Pancake Sugar Cookies.  I’ll be sharing the recipe later this week.  They’re easy to make, and so, so cute for Pancake Day.  I added one to each place setting, and one of the little girls who loves sugar cookies was asking us “where are the sugar cookies?”  she thought they were actual pancakes, so I guess that was a good sign, lol.

Pancake Tuesday Party

Pancake Buffet

  • buttermilk pancakes
  • blueberry pancakes
  • chocolate chip pancakes
  • maple syrup
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • sliced bananas
  • sprinkles
  • whipped cream
  • bacon
  • sausage
  • pancake sugar cookies
  • strawberry pancake shortcakes

We set up an easy, help-yourself, pancake buffet for dinner, complete with lots of fun and delicious pancake toppings.  We love this set-up for a party, since guests can help themselves and you can enjoy yourself too.

Pancake buffet

The menu was easy -Pancakes!

pancake party buffet

My husband makes the best from scratch buttermilk pancakes -recipe here.  For this fun occasion he made a double batch.

Pancake party ideas

He made some plain, and some with blueberries, and some with chocolate chips -YUM!

Pancake Tuesday Party

We also made some sweet strawberry shortcake stacks.  I love how these look, and they were delicious too.

Pancake Tuesday Party

Pancake Toppings

We offered lots of fun toppings for the pancakes, and they were really easy to put together.

pancake party buffet

I used simple mason jars and offered different berries, along with some sprinkles, since it was a party.  I also made a little whipped cream.  And of course, we had to have lots of real maple syrup -we are Canadian after all.

pancake cookies

I also had some more of the Pancake Sugar Cookies on the Pancake buffet.

Pancake Party

Since it was dinner, we also fried up some bacon and sausages.  The perfect accompaniment to lots and lots of pancakes.

Pancake Tuesday Party

Orange Juice and Mimosas

For drinks, I offered guests some orange juice, since it seems like the perfect accompaniment to pancakes.  And for the grown-ups, I picked up a bottle of sparkling wine, so we could turn our orange juice into mimosas.  Special Tuesday night treat, haha.

Pancake Party

This little party was so much fun.  Whether you set up something like this, or just print out our pancake jokes and make your kids pancakes for dinner, I hope you’re feeling inspired!

Pancake Tuesday Party

With a special Pancake Tuesday Party, life really is a party!

More Ideas

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pancake party

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  1. I wanna be at your party so bad!!!!!!! It looks amazing. You nailed every single detail!! I love the jokes hahaha. You’re amazing!!!

  2. It is sometimes very difficult to arrange a great birthday party without spending too much money. We fail to keep balance between our expenses and our the quality of the party. The ideas that you have shared here are a great to way to spend less and have a party full of fun. Printable are looking so good and cost effective too. Thanks for sharing

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