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Pink Outer Space Themed Party

 Pink Space Themed Party: “I love you to the moon and back” themed star and space party with pink, and iridescent celestial accents.

Pink Space Themed Party: "I love you to the moon and back" themed star and space party with pink, and iridescent celestial accents.

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate a little astronaut, then this pink space theme party is perfect.  This would be an out of this world idea for celebrating a kids’ birthday party or even a baby shower or engagement party.  We used used the “I love you to the moon and back” to set the stage for space party decor and food.  If you were celebrating a two year olds birthday change out “to” for “two”!  This would also be so sweet as a first birthday party theme too.  Our party was aged at teen girls and they loved it.  You might have to make a few adjustments to younger guests.


I worked with Cricut to create all the party decor for this beautiful space themed party.  I love stars, so I used lots of them in the decor.  And, just to put my own spin on the space theme, it’s a pink space themed party!  We created the “I love you to the moon and back” banner, star table scatter, cupcake pics, customized juice bottles, and stardust party favors all using our Cricut Maker machine.  It was fun to DIY so many of our outer space party supplies, and create them in our own custom colour scheme.

The colour scheme for the party was pink, iridescent, white and gold.  I had so much fun adding all the pretty pink details.  It’s perfect for a pink lover!  It was so fun to take a theme that can be very masculine and little boy oriented and give it a girly pink makeover.  I love this theme for any mini astronauts, whether boys or girls.  With the right decor, this theme is one of the prettiest parties ever.

space themed party ideas

The Space Themed Backdrop

I started out with the fun “I love you to the moon and back” banner, which I created on my Cricut Maker.  It set the stage for the whole theme.  You can find the cut file here.  I cut it with gold glitter cardstock, and hung it with some thread.  Just use clear tape on the back to attach the letters to thread.

pink space party

Along with the pretty banner, I also added in some star balloons from the party store.  The balloons are in our themed colours pink, white, gold and iridescent.  This made the perfect backdrop for our food table.

boho pink space party

Instead of flowers for this party, I added in some pampas grass for a fun boho touch.  The grasses are in some vintage demi John bottles.  This is such a great option when you can’t do fresh flowers.

boho pink space themed party

The Pink Space Party Themed Food Table

love you to the moon and back party

It’s always nice to have some space-themed food snacks and treats.  I made some food tent labels for the food on using my Cricut so everyone would know exactly what everything was.  The food tent labels are so easy to make on the Cricut Maker, because it writes, scores, and cuts the cards all at once.  You can find my cut file here to create your own, and modify the food names right inside Cricut Design Space.

star themed cupcakes

Galaxy Chocolate Bark

space galaxy chocolate bark

The galaxy chocolate bark is so easy to make and one of my favorite ideas.  Just melt some white chocolate and pink chocolate. Pour it out onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper, and while the chocolate is still melted run a knife through it to create the marble effect.  Next, add sprinkles, including star sprinkles.  My favourite addition was to finish it off with some edible glitter.  I used iridescent and gold glitter to finish off our galaxy chocolate bark.  Once it’s set, break it into pieces and enjoy.  This was such a yummy treat to enjoy at the party, but it would also make a great favor in a goody bag.  Just add some to a cello bag and tie with pretty ribbon for gift giving at the end of the party.

pink galaxy space chocolate bark


To serve the pink lemonade, I used some upcycled juice bottles and gave them a little Cricut makeover.  This was one of my favourite projects for the party.

cricut party decor ideas

I used iridescent removable vinyl to create the stars -find the cut file here.  Cut out a sheet of the removable vinyl on the Cricut Maker. To add the stars for the party just peel them off the vinyl backing and stick them to the outside of the bottles, and then you can remove them after the party.  I love the iridescent vinyl, and it adds such a fun space-y effect.  Because this is removable vinyl, you could add them to any glassware, and just remove them afterwards.  Although, they’re so pretty, you might not want to remove them.  It’s the perfect way to add outer space décor to the party, using what you already have.

cricut party decorations

We also used some iridescent straws to match.  I cut out some small stars from glitter cardstock and used a little hot glue to attach them to the straws. They matched our our of this world space-themed birthday party perfectly.

how to make party decorations with your cricut

Star Sugar Cookies

I used my favourite sugar cookie recipe -the one my Grandma used to make and cut them out in star shapes with star cookie cutter for our space themed party.  We also made a few moons as well.

star sugar cookies

To create the marble effect I used a really simple and fun icing technique.  Make a really runny icing with icing sugar, milk, and a little vanilla.  Remove about a 1/4 cup and use pink food colouring to make it dark pink.  To create the marble effect, add a few spoons of pink to the white icing and use a knife to marble it, then dip in the cookie. Let set before serving.  This fun idea is really quick to make and creates such a cool effect.  I love how the stars turned out, but you could also use this method to make solar system cookies in fun shapes, with different planets and moon rocks.  

If your party guests are old enough, cookie decorating is always a fun at a kid’s birthday party.  Set up a little table in the party venue for cookie decorating with the marble effect, or with piping bags and sprinkles and let guests make their our yummy treats.

marbled star sugar cookies

pink star space sugar cookies


Popcorn is always a fun addition to a party.  I used some pretty iridescent paper cups to create single servings, perfect for a get together.

popcorn in a iridescent cup

star themed party


space themed party

We had simple vanilla cupcakes and created beautiful cupcake toppers using the Cricut.  I cut out glitter cardstock in iridescent, pink, and gold, and also metallic gold cardstock.  Some of the stars from this cut file I used on the cupcakes, along with a gold moon.  After cutting them out, I used hot glue to attach them to wood stir sticks.  They were a really fun addition to plain cupcakes and a great way to turn them into themed snacks.  

I love using cupcakes for  any special occasion.  They’re a great alternative to a themed birthday cake.  Cupcakes are so much easier to serve, since you don’t need to cut them, or supply forks, and they’re usually much more inexpensive.  They’re perfect for little kids, or adults.  I made my own, but you could also pick them up at the grocery store, and then add the cupcakes pics as the easy way to match the theme.

cricut party decorations

To decorate the food table I used some star table scatter that I also made on the Cricut.  Using this star cut file, I added some of the stars to the table and used some as the cupcake toppers.

star cupcake pics

space themed star cupcakes

The Star Tablescape

star themed tablescape

pink boho space star themed party

I thought it would be fun to do a coffee table boho picnic tablescape for this party.  This would work for kids or adults.  I started out with the table and used lots of comfy sheepskins and pillows around it for seating in our party room.  I used some white tulle as a table covering.  It reminded me of the Milky Way and added that cool dreamy feel to the table.  You can find it at the fabric store for a great price, and you don’t need to sew the edges, so it’s a fun option for a table.

star themed table

We had some cute star plates that were perfect for the theme.  The iridescent champagne flutes worked great for this table too.  If you had younger party guests you could look for a plastic option.

space themed party table

space themed tablescape

I made the placards, using the same Cricut cut file here, that I used for the food labels.

how to make place cards with a cricut

You can edit the names in Cricut Design Space for your own party.  I really love how easy these were to create, since the Cricut can write, score, and cut them out all at once.

space themed party

pink space themed party

I also used more of the star table scatter here that I made from the glitter cardstock.  As a centerpiece on the table I used a collection of pretty iridescent candles that worked perfectly for them, and some star mini string lights.  I thought the disco mirrored ball was a fun space-y addition too.

star themed party ideas

star themed table

Star Dust

Another favourite project for this party were the little star dust bottles.  They were a cute addition to the table and made a great party favors for guests to take home or add to a goodie bag.

DIY stardust glitter bottles

Yield: Star Dust Party Favors

Star Dust Bottles

Star Dust Bottles
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • cardstock
  • mini glass bottles
  • pink ribbon
  • star charm
  • iridescent glitter
  • glue (optional)


  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut cutting mat


    1. Start by creating the star dust labels using this cut file in Cricut design space.
    2. Add your card stock to the cutting mat, and load the mat into the Cricut. Select medium card stock as your material, and add the fine marker to the first clamp, as prompted in Cricut Design Space, then hit cut. Once the tag is all finished being written and cut out, remove the cutting mat from the Cricut machine.
    3. To remove the tag from the cutting mat, gently bend the cutting mat slightly,and peel the card stock from it.
    4. Fill each glass bottle with iridescent glitter. As an option, you might want to glue the lid onto the bottles after the glitter is added to avoid any messes.
    5. Use the pink ribbon to tie on the star dust label, and a small star charm.
stardust bottles

star and moon themed party

This party was so much fun to create, and couldn’t be cuter!  We made so many great projects for the party with the Cricut.  It was a great way to customize and co-ordinate all our party details.

Star and Moon Cricut Cut File -here

Place Cards and Food Labels Cut File -here

Stardust Labels -here

Love You To The Moon And Back Banner -here

With a pink space themed party like this one, life really is a party!

This post is sponsored by Cricut.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.

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