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Rustic and Neutral Thanksgiving Table

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting: Beautiful Thanksgiving table decorated with wildflowers, little mini animals, tree stumps and white pumpkins. Rustic Thanksgiving Table Setting: Beautiful Thanksgiving table decorated with wildflowers, little mini animals, tree stumps and white pumpkins.

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, and it’s time to think about a beautiful table.  This year I went with a rustic neutral Thanksgiving table setting, and I really love how it turned out.

It was super easy, and inexpensive to put together, since I shopped the house, and went foraging for the vines and flowers.  I hope it inspires you.

Rustic and Neutral Thanksgiving Table

Layered Table Runners

I started out with some simple white table runners that I had picked up on clearance at Ikea ages ago, and tucked away.  When I took them out of the packaging and unrolled them, I got a disappointing surprise.  My plain white runners had a pattern all the way down the middle.  Boo.  In my excitement I hadn’t looked carefully at them.  I hummed and hawed for a while, and came up with the solution to layer burlap over them to cover up the pattern down the middle.

It actually worked really well, and in the end I liked the layered effect it helped create.

how to set a Thanksgiving table

Rustic Thanksgiving Place Settings

On top of the runners, I layered the wood slice chargers that my brother-in-law cut for me last year.  They aren’t perfect…there’s a few cracks in them, and the bark is coming off of some, but I think it all just adds character.

rustic thanksgiving table setting

This year I used simple white plates (which makes clean up easy since they can go in the dishwasher), and layered on the “give thanks” plates I made a few years ago.  You can find the tutorial on how easy they are to make here.

Place Cards

On each plate I made a little placard out some brown paper cut into a leaf and the sweetest little squirrels.

rustic thanksgiving table setting ideas

The squirrels were a fun craft store find a few months ago that I tucked away for Thanksgiving.  And the squirrels inspired the other animals.


Did you spot them?

They’re nestled is different spots down the centre of the table.

woodland Thanksgiving table

The animals are tucked into a grouping of pumpkins and,  pretty tarnished silver julep cups filled with wildflowers, and some wild grapevine willed with grape clusters.

wildflower thanksgiving table

Wild Flowers

The vines and flowers were gathered on a morning walk -pretty white fall asters, and the last of the Queen Anne’s Lace.

rustic thanksgiving centrepiece

And last but not least, white pumpkins -lots of them, in all different shapes and sizes.

white pumpkin thanksgiving table

What could be prettier than a row of big white pumpkins.

neutral thanksgiving table decor

With a pretty and easy rustic Thanksgiving table setting like this one, life really is a party.

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  1. I just really like your Fall table you’ve put together! I really like the soft white flowers with the white pumpkins and brown plaid napkins. Really nice job!

  2. I’ve been officially inspired! Not a moment too soon as I prepare to host thanksgiving dinner for my family this weekend! Thanks for the creative boost of energy your ideas gave me !

  3. What a gorgeous tablescape. Stunning and yet whimsical. Love the nature inspired touches. The wooden chargers, the way you placed the napkins, the pumpkins and vines are so welcoming. I love this post!

  4. Hi Casey,
    It’s been ages since we painted here, but if I remember correctly it’s Benjamin Moore’s Bar Harbor Beige.
    Hope this helps,

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