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Rustic Thanksgiving Table

Rustic Thanksgiving Table: set with diy wood chargers, candles, bittersweet, pumpkins, vintage pieces, and a pinecone garland.
Rustic Thanksgiving Table: set with diy wood chargers, candles, bittersweet, pumpkins, vintage pieces, and a pinecone garland.

This beautiful rustic Thanksgiving table is one I put together with my sister.  We visited their cottage for Thanksgiving and were inspired by all the beautiful scenery to put together this pretty Thanksgiving tablescape.

rustic thanksgiving table

My sister and her family spend the summers in beautiful cottage country, and having Thanksgiving there this year was so beautiful with all the changing leaves, that we decided to set the table outside.

outdoor thanksgiving tablescape

We began our table with some wood slice chargers.  

DIY Wood Chargers

My sweet brother-in-law went out into the woods for us, and cut some slices, than sanded them smooth.  They came out beautifully.  I love them, and they were the perfect foundation for our rustic Thanksgiving table -thanks Shaun.

wood chargers

My sister found some old antique silverware, and we left it tarnished for the perfect rustic look -I kind of wanted to sneak it into my suitcase when I left.

rustic thanksgiving tablescape

DIY Place Cards

For an easy, fun place card we used a white paint pen to write everyone’s names on fall leaves.

DIY thanksgiving place cards

My sister had some gold napkins, that worked great with the tarnished silverware.

vintage amber glass goblets

We also used some pretty vintage amber goblets, love how they looked with the bittersweet.

rustic thanksgiving tablescape centrepiece

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Centrepiece

For the centrepiece, we layered pumpkins, and candles on a piece of vintage lace.  The candles were in clear glass vases, which was perfect for outside, so they didn’t blow out in the breeze.

how to set a rustic thanksgiving table

My sister wound in some grapevine, and bittersweet.  It was simple and so pretty.

DIY pinecone garland

Pinecone Garland

Over the table, and between two trees, we strung up a pretty pine cone garland. To make it I hot clued some pinecones to some jute twine, and then tied some fall coloured ribbons in-between each one.  It was really simple to make and a nice detail for over the table.

DIY fall garland

With a beautiful rustic, outdoor Thanksgiving table like this, life really is a party!

outdoor rustic thanksgiving tablescape

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  1. Oh my goodness you nailed the rustic table-setting – so pretty. I love the vine down the middle of the table with the pumpkins and candles, the touch of glam with the gold serviettes, and especially the wood slices. I love it all.

  2. I have LONG wished our USA Thanksgiving was in October. It would be so lovely to have better weather and a good bit of time before Christmas. I love this tablesetting and the view from the table, wow!

  3. Terrific tablescape! Love the wood chargers (hinting to my hubby to make me some!) and the pinecone garland. Visiting as fellow Canadian (BC) who enjoyed our Thanksgiving a few weeks back too!

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