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Stranger Things Season 3 Party

Stranger Things 3 Party and Free Printables: Stranger Things themed party ideas based on Season 3, including free Stranger Things Free Printables.

stranger things themed party food table

Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix just released Stranger Things  Season 3, and it did not disappoint.  I thought it would be fun to put together a party based on the new season -perfect for inviting friends over to watch, or to celebrate your next birthday with a Stranger Things themed party.  I’ve included some Stranger Things free printables that you can download at the end of this post.
Stranger Things Season 3 Party and Free Printables

The Radio Tower

There’s lots of fun details this season that inspired the party table.  One of my favourite parts is the mini radio tower I built.  I used a mini tripod and added on a few coat hangers, some wire, and a slinky to create something that looked a little like the one that Dusty builds so he can contact Suzie.  This is such a fun and easy backdrop for this great table of foods inspired by Stranger Things Season Three.

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Stranger Things party decor ideas

The Code

The other fun party decoration and food table backdrop is the Russian code.  Inspired by the white board at Scoops Ahoy where Dustin, Steve, and Robin cracked the code… well mostly just Robin. 😉  I used an inexpensive poster board for mine, and it worked out perfectly.

Stranger Things 3 code poster

80’s Inspired Decor

I used a few 80’s inspired old cassette and video tapes I found in my basement and they were the perfect additions to the table.  I also included some extra batteries for Dustin, a robot inspired by the ones that El makes follow Dustin out of his room, and a my little pony for the Erica and Dustin’s big my pony discussion.

  • cassette tapes
  • video tapes
  • extra batteries
  • toy robot
  • my little ponies

Stranger Things party decor

The Food

All the food for the party was inspired by Season Three.  I made really fun free printable Stranger Things food labels.  Just subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the post, and we’ll send you access to our Free Stranger Things Season 3 Printable food labels, and cupcake pics.

  • new coke
  • Heather’s “fresh out of the oven” cookies
  • Does your species like M&Ms?
  • Scoops Away USS Butterscotch ice cream
  • Smell the nacho cheese Doritos
  • Burger King burgers and fries
  • Strawberry Slurpees
  • Eggos

Stranger Things Free Printables

Stranger Things 3 Party Free Printables


I loved how the show included “New Coke” and remember the summer it came out.  You can actually buy New Coke for a limited time -click the link here.  It would be fun for a party, but is quite expensive.  I think it’s good enough to print the label and serve up some Coke Classic.

Stranger Things 3 Party new coke

Remember the part in the season 3 where Billy is having dinner at Heather’s parents house, and Eleven and Max show up, and Heather offers them some “freshly baked cookies”?  That scene inspired the cookies.

Stranger Things Party food ideas

Next is the “does your spieces like M&Ms”? These are from when Mike makes up with Eleven at the hospital while they’re in the waiting room.

Stranger Things Party food ideas

We also served some “Burger King Whoppers and Fries” inspired by the meal Alexei requests when Jim, Joyce, and Murray are questioning him.

Stranger Things 3 Party food

And let’s not forget the “Strawberry Slurpee” that was supposed to be Cherry.

Stranger Things food label free printables

We also included some “Smell the Nacho Cheese Doritos” inspired by Mike’s line about his burps when El is spying on the boys.

stranger things party food nachos

It wouldn’t be Stranger Things without some Eggos for Eleven.

Stranger Things eggo label free printable

And we had to include some “Scoops Ahoy U.S.S. Butterscotch” ice cream from Steve’s drugged interrogation by the Russians. With our Scoops Ahoy printable label of course.

scoops ahoy printable food label

Stranger Things 3 Cupcake Pics

Last but not least we made some really fun Season 3 inspired cupcake pics with our favourite quotes on them.

  • Boyfriends Lie.
  • I dump your ass.
  • You can’t spell American without Erica.
  • There’s more to life than stupid boys.
  • Nancy Drew where are you?
  • Planck’s Constant 6.62607004
  • Once you open the curiosity door, anything is possilble.
  • Now can we play D & D?
  • Hotter than Phoebe Cates
  • Busty Bun + Suzie Poo Forever

Stranger Things cupcakes

To make the cupcake pics, just cut out the printable with a 2 inch hole punch and glue to a toothpick.  These would also be really fun to use as a banner, or tie onto favour bags.

Stranger Things 3 Party and Free Printables: Stranger Things themed party ideas based on Season 3, including free Stranger Things 3 Party Printables.

This party was so fun to put together and really easy.  All the food was store bought, and a super yummy party menu too with a great mix of sweets and savoury.

Stranger Things 3 Party and Free Printables: Stranger Things themed party ideas based on Season 3, including free Stranger Things 3 Party Printables.

Stranger Things 3 Party food ideas and decor

Stranger Things 3 Party

I hope this inspires you to invite some fellow Stranger Things friends over and chat about your theories of the ending and if ….. really died (I don’t want to spoil it for you if you’re not done watching yet).  😉

Stranger Things Party ideas

With a Stranger Things 3, life is really a party!

Instant Stranger Things Free Printables

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  1. I would love the free stranger things printables. Your party was adorable and would be the perfect addition to our stanger things party this weekend.

  2. Hi Mindi, so glad you liked our party. To access the free printables just use the box at the end of the post to subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll email you the password to our free printable library as soon as you subscribe.

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