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Teapot Christmas Tree

Teapot Christmas Tree: start with a vintage silver teapot, add a bottle brush tree, some mini Christmas balls, for the perfect DIY Christmas decor.

Teapot Christmas Tree: start with a vintage silver teapot, add a bottle brush tree, some mini Christmas balls, for the perfect DIY Christmas decor.

I know some of you might think it’s a little early for Christmas, this being the day before Halloween.  But, if your little ones don’t have a costume by now, no matter what cute idea we could come up with, let’s face it, it’s down to what’s left at the party store now.  Your pumpkins are carved, and your treats are bought-and if they’re not you’ll be doing what ever is quick and easy at this point, which totally works for me.  Since I’m a Canadian, I don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving, since we had ours weeks ago.  In my heart, I’m moving on to Christmas, so here’s an early post to inspire you.

vintage silver mini teapot

I found this sweet little mini-size teapot at the thrift store yesterday, for $2.99  It’s pretty tarnished and the silver plate is even worn off in some spots I think, but it just had a certain charm that inspired this little project.

vintage silver teapot

Just like you, I’ve been noticing lots of copper around lately.  It’s inspiring me to do a mixed metals Christmas this year pretty copper, gold, silver and brass.  I thought it’d be fun to add a little copper nest like effect to the bottom of the Christmas tree.  I used a copper pot scrubber from the dollar store.


    • vintage mini silver teapot
    • white bottle brush tree
    • copper pot scrubber
    • beads and small Christmas balls
    • hot glue

teapot Christmas tree craft

How To Make A Teapot Christmas Tree

1. Start out by decorating your plain bottle brush tree.  I added a few Christmas balls and beads that I glittered to the little tree using hot glue to secure the ornaments.

vintage Christmas tree in a silver teapot

To form the base of the tree I unravelled the copper pot scrubber, then tucked the strands around the wee tree, and popped it in my little teapot.  So simple, so pretty.  It’s wobbly you can secure it all with hot glue, but mine was fine with just the copper.

bottle brush Christmas tree craft idea

I put the pretty little teapot on a tree round with a candle and a pinecone for a sweet little Christmas vignette.

vintage Christmas decor ideas

With a sweet start little Christmas tree like this one, life really is a party!

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  1. Thank you! I just happen to have the exact same teapot as yours and I didn’t quite know what to do with it. I picked it up in a thrift store several years ago. I’ve started to de-clutter and couldn’t bear to get rid of it. Now it can become part of my Christmas decor. This makes me very happy.

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