White Fall Outdoor Planter

White Fall Outdoor Planter -easy to put together, and something different in neutral fall colours. Discover how to make this linear style planter for fall.

White Fall Outdoor Planter -easy to put together, and something different in neutral fall colours. Discover how to make this linear style planter for fall.

I have fallen in love with white, and thought it would be fun to do an all white neutral fall outdoor planter for my front door. I love how it turned it, and that it’s a bit different and really simple to do.

Fall Outdoor Planter

Linear Style Planting

I wanted to use the linear style and arrange the plants in rows. The first thing I needed was a square container. I would have liked an antique crate, but didn’t have one that I wanted to use for dirt and plants. A square galvanized wash tub worked great. I thought it might be too large, but the proportions turned out well.  You need it to be big enough to really give the effect of rows.

Birch Logs

My first row was my birch logs.

birch poles in an outdoor planter

I went to the forest and cut down a little tree and sawed it to the right lengths. I realize that not everyone has a forest at their disposal, so here’s a few other options.

You could buy birch poles to another good option  would be to use twigs.  Dark brown twigs would look great and give you the height you’re looking for in the back. Another good option would be fountain grass.

I stuck my branches into the dirt, since they weren’t too tall. If you’re worried about them falling over, you can cement them into an insert container, like I did for my Christmas urn here.

ornamental kale


For my next row I used kale, I liked it’s texture, and the height was good. I found a large pot of 3 at the garden centre for $10 and split it to make a row. You do feel a little like your killing the plant, but just go ahead and pull it apart it will be fine, really.

separating kale plants

I stuck with the white here, but was tempted to use the purple -which would be great with the purple mums, oh the possibilities!

peacock white flowering kale Gigi Snow White mum

Fall Mums

Next I planted a row of the quintessential fall mums. I went for the white again (catching the theme?), 3 for $10 can’t go wrong, and I wanted small ones that I could plant in a row rather than a large one anyway.

neutral Fall Outdoor Planter

Cinnamon Sticks and Mini Pumpkins

After I planted the mums I added in the cinnamon sticks and the pumpkins. I was able to get these great long cinnamon sticks from my florist sister, but you can also find them at a bulk food store. They smell AMAZING, and while I was photographing them this morning I started thinking about cinnamon buns and then realized it must be the smell of the cinnamon sticks. Also, you can save them and use them in other floral arrangements or pots afterward.  

Another good option if you didn’t have these would be small twigs, or maybe a row of large pinecones -you get the idea.

Fall Outdoor Planter with cinnamon sticks

I finished up with a row of mini white pumpkins. Love them. Nothing says “I’m the fall arrangement” like sticking a pumpkin in it. I think it helps it read as fall and not winter wonderland white.

Fall Outdoor Planter

I love it, I know I’m biased but I love it. The rows just make it more modern. And, it was inexpensive and easy -my two other favourite things. I already have visions of something similar for Christmas.

With a fall outdoor planter like this, life really is a party!

Fall Outdoor Planter in neutral colours

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  1. What a fun planter! I don’t think that I have ever seen one arranged like this before, but the linear design is the perfect pairing for your galvanized tub. Gorgeous and so clever!

    I went a bit more conventional with my fall planter (because that’s the way my brain works – I’m new to container gardening) but I did customize it by taking apart a pre-made planter to make it my own. I hope you’ll check it out! I linked up at Rhoda’s, too!

  2. These are some of my favorite elements — white birch, flowering kale, and old tin tubs, but I never thought to create the gorgeous arrangement you did. Very pretty! Thanks for the visual treat. I found you at Southern Hospitality.

  3. Hey Danny…the arrangement looks great…love the white pumpkins…I picked some up at Vandermeer’s over the weekend, but I’ve used them inside…I was debating whether I should use white or orange outside but looking at this I’m leaning to white….thank you so much for sharing at the linky party….have a great weekend and talk to you soon…xo

  4. Omgosh your front door step is so cute!! LOVE the planter. And I am a fanatic over birch trees!! I collected tons of bark this summer…still deciding what to do with it. 🙂 I found your post via Craftberry Bush Happy Hour! Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings – Sara

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  6. Oh how beautiful!! Love everything about this! I wish we had a birch tree… it has such gorgeous bark! Such a fun idea to add cinnamon sticks! 🙂 Happy to be visiting from the Fall Nesting link up at The Inspired Room!

  7. I popped over here from the Inspired Room and love your door mat, planter, the whole porch decor! Great job!

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