Farm Birthday Party -The Activities

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Farmer ALLIE had a farm, e, i, e, i, o! And on that farm she had a party….and what a party it was! One of my dearest little friends celebrated her second birthday on the weekend, and her parents created a farm in the backyard for her and all her playmates.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the cutest “farm gate”, and a sweet little straw welcoming wreath created for the occasion.

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There was a basket of bandanas at the entrance so we could all look the part!

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There was tons of preschool fun to be had. One of the first activities was helping Rosie the Hen find her eggs, kinder eggs that had been hidden around the garden.

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There was a pony stable, for riding.

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There was a duck pond to play in.

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There was also a fruit stand, with scented fruit balls to play with.

farm birthday party 039

There was a cow yard, to bounce in.

farm birthday party 030

There was a great farm themed water table for a little water play -Ethan was enjoying it!

farm birthday party 057

My favourite was the “petting zoo”, created with stuffed toys and garden fencing! I love the mini hay bale detail too!

farm birthday party 026

And for extra fun, a sheep pen too!

farm birthday party 036

There was also a wonderful craft area on the deck.

farm birthday party 017

How cute are these containers holding the craft supplies!

farm birthday party 018 farm birthday party 019

There were a variety of fun farm themed crafts to choose from.

farm birthday party 048

The activities created great decor, and a farm yard atmosphere. There was also a sweet clothesline of photos of the birthday girl, over the past 2 years. They were clipped by these cute chicken clips.

farm birthday party 031

farm birthday party 034

It was a wonderful afternoon of playing, eating, and celebrating together. Be sure to check out all the amazing farm themed food from the party here at this post.

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  1. Hi – Can you tell me about the farm themed crafts at the party? I’ve been looking for something just like this, but haven’t had much luck. Thanks!

  2. Hi Merri, I believe the crafts came from Dollarama last summer. Best of luck finding something!

  3. these are great! where did the inflatable cow come from? I would love to do a small ball pit for our party, but haven’t had any luck in finding a farm animal like this! thanks, jessica

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry Jessica, not sure where the inflatable cow ball pit was from, this party as many years ago now. Best of luck.

  5. Do you know how the barn was made for the party? We are doing a farm themed party this coming weekend for our son and wanting to include a barn in the decoration. TIA

  6. Hi Amanada, the barn was made out of a red project board, and the details were made out of white tape. Hope this helps, good luck with your party!

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