Farm Birthday Party -The Food!

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Yesterday I shared some of the great activities, and decor at my little friend Allie’s Farm Themed Birthday Party. Today I want to share with you some of the delicious food we enjoyed.

It was a warm day, but we enjoyed the shade of their large silver maple tree, and some nice cool drinks. There was a great drinks and nibbles area set up for us all to enjoy before lunch.

farm birthday party 013

I love the detail of the mini hay bale, used under the apple juice. Another great idea, “chicken feed” snacks and cow tails!

farm birthday party 014

farm birthday party 016

We enjoyed a great bbq lunch with homemade salads for lunch.

farm birthday party 066

I love the veggie patch! See the toy animals lined up for a taste?

farm birthday party 025

I also thought this way of presenting the cutlery was a great idea, hooked up to the fence in these cute buckets.

farm birthday party 021

After lunch it was time for dessert! Heather, Allie’s mom, created an amazing farm themed dessert table. She started with this sweet backdrop. She made it out of red project cardboard, and added the details with white duct tape! I love the details of her name, the bunting and the hay -shredded paper! It made the perfect background for all the desserts.

farm birthday party 040

There were so many delicious treats!

farm birthday party 114

There were some healthy choices, including apples from the orchard, fresh cherries, and other berries with yogurt dip.

farm birthday party 099farm birthday party 043

farm birthday party 102

I love the hay bale cookies -rice crispy squares, and the tractor wheels -Oreos!

farm birthday party 041

farm birthday party 042

There were also fun marshmallows -in the party colours.

farm birthday party 101

One of my favourite ideas were these “pie fries”. Heather made french fry like strips of pastry dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and packaged in these cute mini paper bags, and served them with blueberry and cherry pie filling as dip!

farm birthday party 087

Of course Heather made her famous sugar cookies, that she makes for all her fabulous parties. I love the barnyard animals, they’re so cute.

farm birthday party 093

And, what’s a party with cake pops these days!

farm birthday party 090

They were enjoyed by all.

farm birthday party 125

Heather also made two birthday cakes, a sweet looking piggy, and a cow!

farm birthday party 105

farm birthday party 117

farm birthday party 121

What a feast we had, it was so much fun.

farm birthday party 130

Happy Birthday Allie, hope you had as much as we did. With you in it, life certainly is a party!

Be sure to check out the rest of the party here –The Farm Party Activities.

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  1. Thanks Robin, we got the typo fixed up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Awesome party! Just pinned it!

  3. Love this party theme. Everything turned out so cute and it looks like so much fun! I love the sugar cookies.

  4. What an adorable party. I love all of the cute food she made. Wonderful job!

  5. You did such a great job on the food. I would love to feature your party on my blog if you are interested! Just shot me an email ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. love love LOVE!

  7. Hi, was looking for barnyard party ideas for my son’s 2nd bday and came across ur blog. love ur ideas, wondering where u got the party supplies like the food name tags, vegetable patch greenery, cow print table cloth and recipe for the marshmallow surprise, pls share. thanks

  8. Glad you liked the party, it was actually put together by my friend, Heather. I’ll try and answer your questions though. She made the name tags herself, as well as the table cloth with some fabric from Frabricland. The greenery was from Dollarama. Hope this helps, good luck with your party!

  9. thanks for the reply… how did u make the marshmallow it just icing cream topped with marshmallows. thanx

  10. The marshmallow surprises are just marshmallows dipped in different colours of melted chocolate or “candy melts”, and then they have a drop of the chocolate on top too, and a few sprinkles in the same colour. They are set in little paper candy cups, the easily peel off when the chocolate is set. Hope this helps.

  11. Thank you:)

  12. HI!!! Thank you for these wonderful ideas! My son just had his 4th birthday party yesterday and we had a blast at the farm. The ideas here helped out so much and made his party fantastic! I made the barn and used the ideas for the cow print table cloths, chicken feed and pie fries! Thanks for the help!

  13. I’m so glad that we helped to inspire you, and thanks so much for letting me know, it’s great to hear!

  14. where did you purchase the cutlery green baskets… love the idea

  15. I believe they were from Dollarama, from their seasonal summer section. Hope this helps.

  16. do you have more directions for the barn cutout? Thanks

  17. Hi Lauren,
    The barn back drop is made out of a three fold project board, in red. The details are done in white tape, and a black marker. The hay is made from shredded paper, and her name was made from scrap book stickers.
    Hope this helps,


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