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Pillow Fort

How To Build A Pillow Fort -make a magical pillow fort with fairy lights and starry decorations, and even star themed snacks. Perfect for family fun or date night.

How To Build A Pillow Fort

Did you ever make a pillow fort as a kid? I can remember making them with the dinning room chairs, some blankets, pillows, and clothespins. My sister and I loved playing in them.

How To Build a Pillow Fort

Every Friday I like to share a simple way to make life a party on Facebook live, and Instagram live. Usually I share old ideas from the blog, but this week I thought it would be fun to make a pillow fort and it was so great that I knew I should write a blog post about it.

I set up this one in the living room for my girls, and they loved it when they got home from school and saw it -along with my dog Oscar who thought it was very comfy for a nap.

dog in a pillow fort

I usually try to keep the Friday Live ideas to things you could make in 10 Minutes or Less, and admittedly this one took a little longer. But it was really quite easy to put together and it turned out so cute. I made this one on my own and surprised my kids, but you have them help and that would be really fun too.

blanket fort

How To Make a Pillow Fort

  • rope
  • pillows
  • sheets
  • clothes pins
  • blankets
  • star decorations

I started out making my piwith a rope that I attached to my window shutter and my stair rail. This needs to be quite sturdy, probably not a job for a sticky hook. Once the rope was secured, I used bed sheets, and attached them with clothespins -pretty old school. My living room chair, ottoman, and couch arm helped to give the tent some structure.

indoor fort ideas

Once the walls were made I added all kinds of cozy and fury pillows, as well as sponge camp mattress to make it really comfortable in the fort.

Pillow Fort

Then I added some woolly blankets. The hanging pendant light was already hanging in the living room so I incorporated it into the tent and it was perfect.

how to make your own Pillow Fort

I also swagged some fairy lights and it helps the whole tent feel so magical.

Add Some Starry Decorations

To decorate the space I used some stars. The white star balloons were some I had already from a birthday party and they worked perfectly. I also added in a letter board with “star light star bright”, and a few disco balls.

star light star bright pillow fort

star light star bright letter board

The star garlands are draped over the top. One is wood, and the other is book page stars stitched together on the sewing machine.

star decorations

Star Themed Snacks

I love a theme, and once I had the stars added to the fort, I thought it would be fun to make some star themed snacks.

star themed party food ideas

I started out with some simple champagne flutes, and added some gold sanding sugar to the rim.

star themed snacks

Just use a lemon to wet the rim and then put the sanding sugar on a saucer and dip the rim of the glass in.

star themed party food

I also made some really easy straws. The gold paper straws were perfect with an added book page star.  Just cut a little slit in the star and slide the straw through to attach it.

star themed party food

I was thinking it would be fun to watch a movie in the fort, so popcorn would be a perfect snack. I decorated some plastic cups with some star gem stickers, and some glitter washi tape.

star themed snack ideas

Then I filled the cups with some white cheddar popcorn, and a few yellow candies and star sprinkles.

star themed party food

If your kids wanted to sleep in the fort, it would be fun to do a star themed breakfast. I used a star shaped cookie cutter to cut out some Nutella toast, and then added some really pretty sprinkles to one corner.

star toast

You could also try pancakes, french toast, or even frozen waffles cut into star shapes too.

star party themed food

star themed party food

Family Fun or Date Night

I think our fort will be up all weekend, it’s so cozy and magical. This is the perfect activity to do with your kids. Enjoy some family cuddles, a movie, book reading, or a family board game in the fort. Or how about a romantic fort for date night? Watch a movie together, or put on some music, light some candles, and pour a few glasses of wine.

pillow fort date night

With a beautiful pillow fort in your living room, life really is a party!

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