Campfire Paninis

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Last weekend was the long weekend here in Canada, and along with my to-do list, my family joined up with some old friends for a night of camping. Since it’s the long weekend in the US this weekend, and lots of us will now be camping throughout the summer, I thought I’d share one of my new favourite camping recipes, Campfire Paninis. I made them once before here, kind of on a whim with my sister, but this time I prepped for them and made sure to bring my very favourite panini fixins’. The photo’s aren’t too styled, because we didn’t want to photograph we just wanted to dive right into them and get eating. You know it’s a good recipe when….there’s no time to take photos from multiple angles, you just want to eat them!

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Start out with a grill on the fire, and cover it with a little foil, you also need to find a good rock, with a flat side. Cover the rock in foil, that’s your panini press.

campfire food paninis 1

My very favourite panini combo is hot salami, roasted red pepper, pesto, and bocconcini mozzarella. Yum. Just Cut the bocconcini ball into slices, and layer up the meat, cheese,and roasted red pepper from a jar, on a nice, French bread, and spread with some pesto sauce, also from a jar -so super easy for camping. Once the sandwich is made, brush the two outer sides with olive oil, just like a regular panini.

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Put your panini on the grill and press with the rock. Leave it to cook until it’s golden brown, then flip and repeat for the other side. So, so good. For a kid friendly version, try a grilled cheese version.

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Let the gourmet camping cooking begin! With campfire paninis in the woods, life really is a party!

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