“Fun Bags” Road Trip Travel Bags for Kids

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Since my girls were very little, we’ve always packed a “fun bag” for things like road trips, restaurant visits, and other trips and visits where the “I’m bored” monster might pay us a visit. If you’re lucky enough to have one more summer road trip planned here’s all you need to keep your little people happy. We start out the fun bag with a great backpack. My girls and I just love their new backpacks from Stuck On You. They got to choose their colour, and cute logo, and have them personalized with their names. I love how each of my girls picked out a sweet logo that fit their personalities perfectly.

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We love to the fill the fun bag with lots of activities to keep them happy and entertained. This time I made them a special new treat, an “I Spy” game. They’re big fans of the books, so I thought it would be fun to make this version, perfect for a long road trip. I started out by hunting around the house for lots of little toys. I found lots of perfect little treasures in the Barbie, playmobile, and lego bins. I used an empty water bottle, and some great vase filler I found at the dollar store.

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You could also use rice, but the vase filler was a great option, and I liked its clear colour. Before I added the toys to the water bottle, I photographed them on a plain background.

I spy game

I printed the picture, and placed it in a page protector. I picked up some fun coloured dry erase markers, an eraser and white board cleaner at the dollar store, and put everything in a perfect little carry case.

I spy game 1

My girls loved playing with it, checking off the items they’d found, then erasing it and starting all over again.

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I always pack some electronics for a long road trip. We have a booklet of their favourite movies, and a portable dvd player, and some age appropriate electronic games.

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The other big favourite is lots of fun drawing things. My little artists can spend hours creating their masterpieces. We love our new pencil cases –Tools 4 School, from Stuck On You.

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They’re filled with beautiful supplies, including personalized pencils, markers, pencil crayons, a ruler, scissors, pencil sharpener, and eraser -in short everything you need. I really like that everything in the kit is personalized with their name, making sure there are no fights over which marker belongs to who.

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The last great addition to the fun bags for our long trip was some snacks. I found these great little storage boxes at the dollar store.

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After washing them out, I filled them lots of little treats for the trip. I wanted things that would last if they didn’t finish them all on the first leg of our trip, and that wouldn’t make too big of a mess in the car if they spilled. There’s a few sweets, and then a few healthier options like dried fruit and cereal.

travel bags 3

travel bags 12

And for thirsty little snackers, a nice cold drink.

travel bags 10

We love the water bottles from Stuck On You. We chose our logos to match the backpacks, and added their names again. Perfect to know whose is whose in the car, and perfect for school when it starts in a few weeks too.

travel bags 7

And I’m excited to offer you another Stuck On You give-away. The winner will receive a $20 voucher from Stuck On You, perfect for your back to school shopping. Good luck!

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Don’t forget that for the whole month of August Stuck On You is offering Life is a Party readers free shipping with the code SHIPD1.

With all these great little treats and activities and few new books from the library too all packed up in your own little fun bag, life really is a party!


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  1. I would use it to purchase basically anything off their site as it’s all adorable! Thanks for this offer!

  2. Love these bags! comfortable and easy to carry for children. By the way, thanks for the give away.


  3. Thanks for the giveaway D. These are perfect for back to school…xo

  4. craft projects for friends.

  5. My kiddos would love the “Tools 4 School” kit.

  6. Love this! That spy bottle, is awesome, plus that snack box is just clever! If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/08/sunday-linky-22.html


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  2. […] Keep tiny hands busy with snacks they create. Let them thread Cheerios, Fruit Loops or gummy Life Savers onto string before chowing down for snack time. Delish! Read more on Life is a Party  […]

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