Frozen Themed Birthday Party -Part II “The Food”

Frozen food Collage

Yesterday I shared some of the great activities my friend Heather planned for her daughter Tara’s Frozen themed birthday party.  Today, it’s the food!  You know how we love a good theme around here, and the theme food for this party was so, so adorable.  You’re going to want to use these ideas if you have a Frozen party in the works, not just because they are so sweet, but also they’re pretty do-able, and the kids will actually eat them. 😉

Frozen party food ideas 2

After the messy activities were finished on the dining table, Heather sent the kids up to their upstairs living room for the cup stacking ice castle building game -read all about the activities here,  and set the table with all the delicious food.  A quick tip, she layered the table cloths so she could take off the top one from crafting and this one was underneath nice and clean.

Frozen party food ideas 9

Everything was so cute, love “Kristoff’s Ice”, yummy blue jello with snowflake sprinkles, and a snowflake toothpick from the dollar store.

Frozen party food ideas 10

There were also little carrots and dip, called “Sven’s Treats” -remember how Sven kept trying to eat Olaf’s nose at the beginning of the movie?  Individual dips are always a great idea for a party, especially with little ones, no double dipping.

Frozen party food ideas 11

Even mixed berries seem extra special in their little Frozen cupcake liners.

Frozen party food ideas 1

Crackers and cheese were made extra special by cutting out the cheese with a snowflake cookie cutter, and using snowflake crackers.

Frozen party food ideas 17

“Elsa’s Snowflakes” were snowflake shaped sandwiches of peanut butter and jam, ham and cheese, and cream cheese cut out with a snowflake cookie cutter.

Frozen party food ideas 14

I loved the “Wanna Build A Snowman?” donuts.  They were just regular powdered donuts, with some chocolate chips and orange candies to design your own little edible snowman.

Frozen party food ideas 16

These were the rice krispie treats that made for the party, see how I made them here.

Frozen party food ideas 12

I loved the “Anna’s Frozen Heart”, strawberries dipped in white chocolate.  Such a sweet detail from the movie.

Frozen party food ideas 15

My favourite treat at the party were these pretty and oh so yummy snowflake sugar cookies.

Frozen party food ideas 7

There was a drink table at the side with a punch of blue lemonade, with the option of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, to make it very snowy!

Frozen party food ideas 13

There was also water, with a “Some People Are Worth Melting For” labels.  So cute.

Frozen party food ideas 3

Everything was so sweet, and perfectly child sized and kid friendly.

Frozen party food ideas 4

And for the birthday cake, what could be more perfect for the Frozen theme than ice cream cake!

Frozen party food ideas 6

After the party we were sent home with the sweetest loot bags.

Frozen party food ideas 8

When we got home we saw our $5 Menchie’s gift cards “For A Frozen Treat”, and our snowman building kits.

Frozen party loot bag ideas 2

Inside the snowman kits were large marshmallows, small marshmallows, pretzel sticks, M&M’s, candy eyes, orange Mike and Ike’s, and two sizes of chocolate chips. In the container is some icing “glue”.  So much fun!

Frozen party loot bag ideas 1

We had so much fun playing, eating and celebrating with our friends.  With a Frozen themed celebration, life really is a party!


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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Do you have a link for the food signs or the frozen fruit cups?

  2. Hi Cheyene, Sorry I don’t have a link for the food signs or frozen fruit cups, I think my friends purchased them at a party store, but the party was a few years ago now.
    Hope you can find something that suits, maybe try etsy?
    best, Dannyelle

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