Frozen Themed Birthday Party -Part I

Frozen Collage

On the weekend we had the great pleasure of celebrating the birthday of one very special little girl, my God-daughter Tara.  This year it was a Frozen themed party, and there were so many great ideas that I can’t wait to share them with you.  We were greeted by the most PERFECT decoration on the door.  Tara’s mom Heather made a simple wreath by covering a wreath form with white yarn.  Heather purchased the sweet “love is an open door” printable, which is a line from the movie and the perfect way to greet guests, open door…get it?.  The finishing touch was a little Anna -the birthday girl’s favourite character!

Frozen wreath

In the front entry way the scene was set.  On the entry table was a sweet little frozen forest made of table top Christmas trees and some Frozen toys.  The fun poster was a last minute find, and decorated with the birthday girl’s name.

Frozen poster frozen party decorations

The stapler on the table allowed guest to choose and make an Elsa crown, or Sven antlers, (Anna was reserved for the Birthday girl) on their way into the party.  I also loved the bowl of faux snow balls, and snowflake lights, made out of styrofoam balls, white glue, faux snow and epsom salts.

Frozen party decoartions bowl of snowballs

There were lots and lots of other snowflakes hung throughout the house for the party.

Frozen party activity puffy paint snow picture 2

Inside, the first activity for everyone to enjoy was some puffy paint snow picture making.  Heather made puffy paint with shaving foam, white glue, and white paint, and set out containers with paint brushes and card stock.  Along with the paint there were all kinds of sparkly and icy toned jewels, snowflakes, sequins, cotton balls, and glitter paper.  Kids could design anything, including Elsa’s ice castle.

Frozen party activity puffy paint snow picture 1

The puffy paint was so much fun, because it’s fluffy, and thick because of the shaving cream.  This was also a great activity to do at the beginning of the party, since it gave it some time to dry a little.

Frozen party activity puffy paint snow picture 3

Activity number two, was decorating snowflake sugar cookies.  What a yummy activity that was!

Frozen party activity snowflake cookie decorating 2

Heather made the cookies in advance and gave everyone four to decorate.  She made white, purple, and blue icing and there was an assortment of sprinkles, jimmies, and candy to decorate them with.  The kids had so much fun making their designs.

Frozen party activity snowflake cookie decorating 1

My youngest, Maddie, was concentrating hard on her very detailed designs.  If anyone knows of any local bakeries that need decorators, I might know a few little girls who’d be interested.

Frozen party activity snowflake cookie decorating 3

Before they started decorating the cookies, Heather had everyone write their name on a little tag, which stayed on their plate of cookies.  After they were decorated we left them out on the counter to dry a little and then packaged them into cello bags, and attached their tags to take home.  It worked perfectly.

Frozen party activity snow globe 1

The next activity on the list was a really cute one, make your own snowman snow globe.  Everyone was given the lid of a mason jar to work on, and some air dry clay to create their own snowman.  There was also ribbons for scarves, branches for arms, orange clay for noses, and buttons.  We also came up with the idea of making little winter toques.  Heather snipped off the tips of the fingers of some dollar store gloves in different colours and offered  small pompoms to add to the top to create a winter hat.  We hot glued them onto the snowmen when they were done.

Frozen party activity snow globe 3

One of the great things about all these party activities is that they were fun for kids of different ages.  The four years could do them all, and the ten year old could do the same activity but just with more detail -all ten kids at the party enjoyed every activity.

Frozen party activity snow globe 2

Once the snowmen were finished, they got a sprinkling of snow added, and the top of their mason jar screwed on to make a pretty snow globe.

Frozen party activity ice castle cup stacking 1

One of the last, but certainly not least little activities was building Elsa’s ice castle out of plastic cups.  Way back when we went camping in the summer, Heather brought some plastic cups and our girls had a lot of fun stacking them –see the post about it here.  She had the great idea of using clear plastic cups for the ice castles, and again the kids really liked it.  Sometimes it’s the simple things.

Frozen party activity ice castle cup stacking 2

Heather found three different sizes of clear cups -regular ones, short stubby ones, and mini shot glass ones all from the dollar and party store.  The kids had a lot of fun building.  While they were building, Heather set up a beautiful table of Frozen themed snacks, which I’ll be sharing soon.

If you’re planning a Frozen party anytime soon, I hope some of these fun ideas inspire you.  The kids LOVED them.

Happy Birthday Tara, with a sweet and special God-daughter like you, life really is a party!


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