Valentine’s Day Love Potion Hot Chocolate Bar

Valentine’s Day Love Potion Hot Chocolate Bar: kid’s will love hot chocolate love potion with all kinds of fun toppings to add.

Valentine's Day Love Potion Hot Chocolate: kid's will love hot chocolate love potion with all kinds of fun toppings to add.

How fun is this Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bar all set up to make your own fabulous “love potion”?  This would be great for Valentine’s Day get together, and kids love it.  It’s perfect for celebrating during the month of February with your little Valentines.

On a recent trip to the craft store, I noticed the cute glass test tubes, and my creative wheels started turning.  Test tubes made me think of science, and science made me think of love potions for Valentine’s Day.  I thought it would be fun to create a hot chocolate bar with lots of add-ins and toppings.  Instead of using glass jars to hold them, we’ve put everything into test tubes.  Your guests will love creating their own concoctions, and adding all of their favorite toppings to make their own perfect cup of hot cocoa, or should I say love potion. 😉 Mad scientists old and young will love this science experiment.

Test Tube Hot Chocolate Add-ins

I decided to fill my test tubes with all different kinds of fun hot chocolate add-ins.  We picked up all the fun treats at the bulk store, and then made up fun names for everything, so they sounded like good ingredients for a love potion.  This was such a fun way to label everything.

The labels are made from some pink cardstock for Valentines day and a stamp, and tied them on with a little pink baker’s twine.  They came out looking so cute.

Valentine's Day Love Potion Hot Chocolate

I wasn’t too sure how I was going to stand the test tubes up, but came up with the idea of a simple wood stand.

Valentine's Day hot chocolate station buffet

My sweet brother-in-law Shaun helped me out by drilling 1 inch holes in some 2 x 4’s, and was the perfect way to display the test tubes.

Valentine's Day Love Potion Hot Chocolate

Love Potion Ingredient Names

I used ten different candy add-ins and here’s what I called them, in case you need some ideas for your own love potion.

Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate

  • Heart Sprinkles -“Sprinkles of Love”
  • Hershey’s Kisses -“Kisses”
  • Valentine Jimmies -“Happiness Confetti”
  • Cinnamon Hearts -“Red Hot Passion”
  • Mini Valentine Nonpareils -“Pearls of Joy”
  • Rolo Minis -“Chocolate Caramel Sweetness”
  • Pink Cotton Candy -“Cupid’s Pillow”
  • Lip Sprinkles -“Cupid’s Kisses”
  • Pink and White Mini marshmallows -“Puffs of Affection”
  • Caramel Squares -“Building Blocks of Love”

Other options of fun things in your own hot cocoa bar are chocolate chips, candy hearts, or peppermint candies.  You might also include some coffee syrups like caramel, vanilla, or peppermint.  Have fun coming up with your own fun names for everything.

Valentine's Day party ideas

Science Beakers

I was also able to find some brand new science beakers on-line and filled them with the hot chocolate and a few other treats.  This was such a fun addition to our theme.  I labeled the hot chocolate “Base Formula No.1”, and made some pink hot chocolate with some white hot chocolate powder and a little red food colouring, and labeled it “Base Formula No. 2”.

Valentine's Day Love Potion Hot Chocolate

I  also added some whipped cream, labeled “Sweet Dream Clouds” and some caramel syrup that we labeled “Devotion Juice”,

Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate buffet

Specimen Cups

On the bottom of the bar cart were some paper disposable cups and straws.

Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate ideas

I picked up some pink paper cups and customized them with a “Specimen No. ___“ label.  The labels are attached with a glue stick.  I made a free printable of the cup labels, you can access the free printables in our Free Resource Library.  Just subscribe below for instant access.

Valentine's Day Love Potion Hot Chocolate

Love Potion Books

You know I love a theme, so I thought it would also be fun to include a few love potion books.  Using some old books, I  covered them with brown paper and scrapbook paper, and added some fun labels to the fronts of the books with a glue stick.  You can get the free printables for the love potion books in our Free Resource Library.  Subscribe for instant access to the free printables.

Valentine's Day drink ideas

I put the pretty heart paper straws in a tall science beaker, and filled another large one with some heart lights.  The lights are a fun little nod to the mad scientist.

Valentine's Day party

I had so much fun putting my little love potion making hot chocolate bar together.  This is one of those fun DIY projects that the kids will really enjoy.  It’s perfect for a party.

Valentine's Day party drink ideas

If you’re looking for an activity that your kids are guaranteed to love, this one’s a winner!  It’s one of my favourite Valentine’s Day ideas.

Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate

With a Valentine’s Day love potion hot chocolate bar, life really is a party!

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  1. hello sister,

    I just had to share a “feel good ” comment on here to tell you that you inspire people….. Tonight at the monthly flower arrangement club one of my favourite customers told me that she follows your blog. She told me in great detail how she used your post to make her own Valentine’s Day tubes filled with treats to take to her daughters work to surprise her and her colleagues. She used your example and it was a great hit!! She was so pleased it made me proud of your blog and all your terrific ideas. !

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