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Advent Calendar Cookie Tree

Cookie Advent Calendar: so easy, made with store bought cookies, and sure to be a hit with young and old. A cookie a day advent calendar.
Cookie Advent Calendar: so easy, made with store bought cookies, and sure to be a hit with young and old. A cookie a day advent calendar.

Here’s a sweet way to count down until Christmas this year, with a cookie advent calendar.

Cookie Advent Calendar Materials:

  • cookies with holes in the top
  • icing
  • ribbon
  • ornaments
  • tree branch

How To Make A Cookie Advent Calendar:

1. Start out with your cookies.  You could bake some.  Gingerbread or sugar cookies would be a great choice.  Just include a hole in the top of the cookie so you can string it on.  Or next time you’re out at IKEA, pick up three packages of the their Pepparkaka Figurer Gingerbread Cookies ($1.49 each), making sure they’re the ones with the little holes in the tops to use as ornaments.

Ikea Christmas cookies

2. Make a little icing with powdered sugar, a splash of vanilla and a little milk, you want the consistency to be quite thick.

easy icing

Use a piping bag, or small ziplock with the corner snipped off to pipe numbers 1 to 24 onto the cookies.  Or pick up a store bought tube of icing to use.

piping numbers onto cookies for a cookie advent calendar

3. Lastly let the icing dry and tie with ribbon and hang. I used some branches spray painted silver in a galvanized tin for this tree. It’s for my mom, whose favourite colour is light aqua, so I used ribbon in that colour, added some mini silver Christmas balls, and a couple vintage aqua Christmas balls that I know she’ll love.

how to make a cookie advent calendar

Advent Calendar Cookie Tree

Now just eat a cookie a day, until Christmas. {Just the kind of job I like doing :)} With a cookie a day to count down until Christmas, just add a cup of tea and life is a party!

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  1. Silly question – please forgive me – but won’t the cookies get stale? I LOVE the look and the idea, but can’t help but wonder if my son will be reluctant to eat the cookies as time goes on.

  2. Hi Kim, We have done it in the past and the cookies seemed fine -maybe because they’re store bought? Another idea though, would be to wrap each cookie in a cute cello bag and then hang it on the tree that way.
    Hope this helps,

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