Back To School Family Dinner Party

Back To School Party Family Dinner -start a new tradition with a back to school family dinner to hear about the first day of school!
Back To School Party Family Dinner -start a new tradition with a back to school family dinner to hear about the first day of school!

It’s a tradition in our house to have a special Back To School party family dinner on the very first day.  We hear all about new teachers, and who’s sitting where, and if the teachers seems nice so far.  Our girls can’t wait to take their turn and tell us all about it.  While they’re at school that first day, I take the time to put together a Back To School themed table and they can’t wait to see it when they get home.

Back To School Family Dinner

It’s getting a little tricky to come up with new ideas each year after doing it so many times -check out last years here, the year before that here,  the year before that here, the year before that here, and the very first one here.  But they love it, so I keep doing it for them.

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Back To School Party Decor Ideas

This year I was inspired by apples and succulents.

back to school party decorations

I’ve been pinning fall decor on pinterest, and saw pumpkins planted with mini succulents the other day and it inspired the idea of hollowed out apples with succulents planted inside.

back to school party decorations

I ended up using some great faux succulents, but real ones planted in apples would look amazing too.

I also hollowed out a few apples to hold some tea lights.

school themed party

And from there the apple ideas continued.

Apple Balloons

school themed party decorations

On the side cabinet I set up a sweet little Back To School vignette, and added these DIY apple balloons.

DIY apple balloons

I picked up some simple round red mylar balloons at the party store, and added a brown paper stem and green leaf with some clear tape.

So simple and so cute.

school themed party decorations

I also added in a few school supplies.

back to school party ideas

Chalkboard Table Runner

Over on the table, I started out with a “chalkboard” runner.  It’s made out of simple black wrapping paper.  It was a bit too wide, so I folded it in half.  I added “A B C” with some chalk.

how to throw a back to school dinner

Then it was time for a few fun DIY additions.

back to school party ideas

The little apple chalkboards were picked up at the dollar store, and made great little placards for us.

Back To School Family Dinner ideas

Gum Ball Pencils

The Gum Ball Pencil favours for the kids were really easy and inexpensive to make.  I picked up the individual gum balls at the party store, removed them from their packaging and placed them in these glass test tubes from the craft store.

first day of school party

Pencil Stir Sticks

Another fun DIY detail were these little pencil stir sticks.  I was inspired by the Studio DIY version.  For mine, I used a straw, tissue paper for the top, and then washi tape to hold the tissue paper in place.

pencil stir stick

Apple Desserts

We also have an apple themed dessert for these back to school family dinners every year, so this year I made my grandma’s apple dumplings  -find the apple dumpling recipe here.

DIY apple donuts

But as a little added dessert bonus, I also made these cute apple donuts.

apple donuts

These simple apple donuts are made with honey dip donuts I picked up at the donut store.  I made some red icing using red gel food colouring, and spread some on top.  The stem of the apple is made from a pretzel stick and the leaf is a skittle.

Back To School Family Dinner

We had a great time hearing all about our girls adventures so far in a new grade.

And don’t worry, if you’re feeling inspired to start this new family tradition at your house it’s not too late.  How about you celebrate Friday night with a “you survived the first week of school” party!  And, be sure to pin this idea for next year too. 😉

With a Back To School Family Dinner, life really is a party!


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