Back To School Free Printables Pack

Back To School Free Printables: pennant flags, lunch box notes, pencil party hats, banners, cupcake picks and more in pink or blue.

It’s that time of year again, time to celebrate back to school.  These back to school free printables are so much fun, and perfect for celebrating a new school year.  Use our free back to school printables to create a fun back to school party, celebrate with a first days school dinner, take your first days of school pictures, as a back to school gift tag for teacher gifts, or as a note in school lunches.  Which ever way you choose to use them, I home they help make the beginning of the school year lots of fun!

Back To School Free Printables: pennant flags, lunch box notes, pencil party hats, banners, cupcake picks and more in pink or blue.

How To Access Free Printables

We share all our free printables with our blog subscribers.  All you have to do is subscribe below for instant access.  You will receive an email with the secret password for our Free Resource Library.  Use the password to access the entire Free Resource Library full of fun free printable pdf files.  Click on the downloads, and then print on your home printer, or at an office supply store, and enjoy.  We hope you love these back to school freebie printables as much as we do!


Make It Pink, Make It Blue

This back to school theme printable pack comes in two different color waves.  Choose the pink, or the blue/green color, or choose to mix and match them.  They coordinate well, or you can choose your favourite color.

First Day Of School Pictures Pennant Flags

We’ve included several pennants in our printable pack.  We loved using a ruler to attach them to as the handle of the flag, but you could also use a wooden dowel.  We also included individual grade banners that you can add to the pennants.  And because we’re in Canada, and lots and lots of our readers are in the USA, we included an option for “Grade One” or “1st Grade” because it seems that what you say depends on where you live.  We also did all the banners in pink or blue, so you can pick and choose and just print the ones you want.  There’s several different pennant flag designs to choose from and also different sizes.  The mini’s are really cute tucked into a back to school gift too.  And the first day of school printable flags are perfect for photos.

first day of school sign flag

These are so great to mark the beginning of a new grade with a back to school photo.  And you can re-use them year after year, just changing out the grade banner.  Whether it’s your first time or your kids are are headed into grade 8, they make a great addition to first day of school signs.

back to school printables

Back To School Banner

We have a few different banner options in the printable back to school bundle.  Use the shapes and cut them out by hand or if you’re a Cricut user, upload them into Cricut Design Space and cut out with the Cricut.  We also added some glitter to the apple and the star for a little extra fun.  We used a tiny hole punch at the top and then strung them with a darning needle on to some embroidery cotton.  These are such a cute banner and they come in either pink or blue/green, choose on or mix and match them.

back to school party

We have another banner option These are slightly larger.  Print on cardstock and use a hole punch to punch holes to the corners and string up.  These also come in pink or blue/green, or you could mix and match these ones also.

back to school printable banner

Lastly the small circles can be used for a cute banner too. 

Back To School Printable Small Cards

We have some cute small cards with four different designs.  We used them tied to the back of the chairs for our back to school party.  These would also be great as lunch box notes.  Write a message on the back and tuck one into your child’s lunch for a fun surprise.

back to school printables

These would also work well as a gift tag for back to school gift for a child, or a teacher.

back to school free printables

There’s also a set of library inspired cards in the set.  You could use these as cards, lunch box notes, or gift tags too.  They’d also be cute as place cards for a table.  Just use a sharpie to write the person’s name and leave one on each plate for a cute addition to your back to school table.


We’ve also added in some cute free printable signs that says “Back to School” with the cutest apple background.  Choose from pink or blue.  Print one out and use as decor in a picture frame for any back to school party.  This would also be a fun addition to a back to school party.  This one might also be a nice addition to classroom decor or on your classroom door for the beginning of the year, if you’re a teacher.

back to school table ideas

Pencil Party Hat

We thought it would be a fun idea to include a party hat in this collection.  Just subscribe for the free download, print it out on card stock, and use tape or a glue gun to put it together.  Then punch a hole on each side and tie on some ribbons or elastic.  This is such a cute addition to your start of school year party for younger kids.

pencil party hat

Pencil Treat Box

We’ve also included the cutest free printable pencil gift box.  This box prints out on two sheets of cardstock.  After it’s printed, cut it out with scissors.  Next you will need to fold on all the score lines.  Some of the lines are printed or indicated with a color change, for others you will have to be guided by the shape.  We don’t always add score lines, because they take away from the final look of the project, so we’ve left them out where we think you can easily be guided by the shape itself.  

pencil gift box free printable

Once all the score lines are folded, assemble the pencil using some hot glue.  First make the yellow body of the pencil box, then add on the black tip.  The pink eraser part is the lid for the box, you will have to glue the seam together to make that part 3D, but don’t glue it to the pencil, as it’s designed to be a removable lid.  Once it’s all put together you can add some ribbon around it if you like.

The pencil gift boxes are a great way to give a start of the school year gift to your students or teachers.  Some student or teacher gift ideas are small school supplies, gift cards, or even snacks.  When you’re doing your back to school shopping, be sure to pick up a few fun small gifts for students or cute teacher gifts to put inside.  If you have a meet the teacher night during the first week of school, this gift would be great to bring along with you to meet the new teacher.

pencil treat box free printable

These pencil treat boxes would also be great for gift giving to a classroom teacher around the holidays, or at the end of the school year as a last day of school gift.

Back To School Table

Having a special family meal together on the first day of school to hear all about how it went is one of our favourite  first day of school traditions.  One of my favorite things to do on the first day when my kids were little was to set up a beautiful back to school table to surprise them with after school on the first day.  It was a fun way to kick off what we all hoped would be a great year and new school season.  We loved hearing all about riding the school bus, new friends, first day school activities, and new teachers.  This dinner was always a great start to a new year.  

back to school confetti table scatter

These back to school themed printables are perfect to make a family dinner more special, but they’d also be great for a back to school party.  It would be such a fun time to celebrate with friends.  Use our free printable back to school set to decorate.

back to school printable pack

With adorable back to school free printables, life really is a party!

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