Boho Fall Decor Home Tour

Boho Fall Decor Home Tour: lots of boho elements in this fall home tour like brass, wicker, dried florals, macrame and pink fall decor.

boho fall decor home tour

Welcome to my boho fall decor home tour.  I’m so glad you’re here.  My name is Dannyelle and I live just outside of Toronto, Canada.  I love fall and I love fall decorating.  I’m so excited to be taking part in the Seasonal Simplicity Fall Series Home Tours this week.  Be sure to check out all the amazing home tours linked at the bottom of this post for even more great inspiration.

The Dining Room

This year I wanted to add a boho feel to my home for fall and I used lots of fun boho elements in the decor.  

white table with brass candle sticks

As soon as you come in my front door, there is a little console table and you can see the amber glass that’s so perfect fall.  

pink fall decor

I also added lots of thrifted brass candle sticks.  And coloured taper candles are definitely making a return.  Look for them at thrift stores to add a little colour.  This year I used lots of pink fall decor, along with some deep Burgundy and the deep amber mustard yellow.  Not completely traditional, but I’m loving it so far.

boho fall decor home tour

On the dining room table I kept things pretty simple with a linen runner, and a trough of faux pumpkins.  

boho fall decor

These are actually from the dollar store and I painted them in white and cream.  I also added a small bowl of dried straw flowers -more of those to come through the space.  And the pumpkins are two that I grew in my own garden this year.

fall decor ideasgreen pumpkin

Bar Cart

Over on the bar cart we’re already for fall drinks.  

fall bar cart

There’s a beautiful white pumpkin from the garden and some dried florals.  

fall dried pampas grass

This fall I had so much fun with the dried flowers and grasses.  There’s also some amber glasses perfect for fall, and lots more faux pumpkins along with some gorgeous deer antlers underneath.  One of the pumpkins on the bottom of the bar cart is a DIY Faux Concrete pumpkin -find a tutorial to make your own here.

fall dried flowers

Dried Flowers

My favourite spot this fall has to be my dining room buffet filled with beautiful dried flowers.

boho fall decor

I partnered with Everything Frivolous, a Canadian etsy shop to add these beautiful ones.  The glass bottles, sometimes called car bouys or jardinars are all from thrift stores or found second hand on-line.  I’ve had so much fun adding things for every season.  I love the look of dried flowers and grasses that’s so trendy right now, so this was the perfect spot to add a little collection.

boho home decor


The colours are subtle, which help make it not too much.  I used pink pampas grass, bleached dried maiden grass, white bunny tails, pink bunny tails, natural pampas grass.  There’s also a little money plant from my mom’s garden.


The Stairs

I’ve added a fun macrame garland to the stairs this fall.

fall home tour

You can find a full tutorial on how to make the macrame garland here.  It only takes two knots to create this one.   I love it and I’m already thinking of how I can dress it up for Christmas too.  

macrame garland for stairs

For fall, it looks perfect with all the fun pumpkins.  The large one at the bottom is the giant one that grew in the garden this summer -kind of my pride and joy.  A little tip when using real pumpkins in your decor is to set them on top of something, I used some parchment paper under mine and to keep your eye on them.  They won’t last forever in doors where it’s warm, and you don’t want to damage any surfaces like tables or hard wood floors if they begin to go bad.  The bottom is usually the first place they go.

Side Table

This little spot at the bottom of the stairs is a favourite on of mine to decorate.  

pink fall decor

I used my DIY velvet pumpkins here.  They’re actually made from an old velvet jacket.  And remember to save the stems from some of your pumpkins after this fall, because they are perfect for this craft.  

boho fall

I used a few more dried flowers here.  The pink bunny tails are a favourite.  The yarrow is some I dried from my garden.  The letter board is from the dollar store, and I love it.  The magic is in you.

Living Room

boho fall decor home tour


All of my fall decor this year was inspired by this beautiful velvet floral pillow -unfortunately it’s sold out.  It inspired the colour scheme and the addition of all the florals.  

how to add some boho for fall


Over on the fireplace mantel I used a beautiful floral print inspired by the pillow.  You can read all the details here in this post on my boho fall mantel, including the link to the free art that was used to create a colour engineering print.

boho fall home decor

boho fall mantel

There’s also more brass candle sticks and amber glass.  I’ve also layered a macrame garland with the beautiful straw flower garland.  I partnered with Country Mouse Boutique, a Canadian etsy shop.  To make the individual straw flowers into garland I used a needle and thread to string them together.  I love how it turned out.  The straw flowers feel perfect for fall.

pink decor for fall

Coffee Table

On the coffee table, I added another white pumpkin from the garden and some simple sand cherry leaves.  

pink fall decor

It’s aways good to find a few pretty leaves outside and bring them in for fall.  The amber glass candle is actually an old yeast jar.  Remove the label and add a tea light.

boho fall

And in front of the window, some larger plants for the boho vibe.  

boho fall home tour

pink fall decorThis is my favourite spot for a cup of tea.

pink fall decor

The Kitchen

In the kitchen I had fun decorating my open shelves for fall.  

open kitchen shelves

I continued with pink, brass, and some amber glass.  The most exciting addition was more of the straw flower garland.  The flowers from Country Mouse Boutique fit my colour scheme for fall perfectly.  I layered them with the macrame bunting I made for summer for a boho vibe.

boho open shelves

fall shelfie

I love how the amber glass adds a feeling of fall.  I’ve got lots of cuttings in vintage amber glass bottles that are just about ready to plant.  

open kitchen shelves

amber glass dessert bowls

coffee station

open kitchen shelves

Over by the sink, some flower arranging.

fall home tour

white pumpkins and dahlias

This little spot couldn’t be cuter with some plants, more of the amber glass, and a vintage brass pear for fall.

boho fall decor

Eating Area

Over in the eating area, I added lots of fun pieces to the table for fall.  

pink fall decor

boho fall decor

Everything is layered on a fun knit table runner I found last year.  It adds a little cozy for fall.  There’s one more of the pumpkins I grew in the garden -are you getting how happy I am that some actually grew this year, lol.  There’s also some beautiful daliahs.  


red dahlias

When I told my mom I was adding in some deep Burgundy to my decor this fall, she offered some of the dahlias from her garden.  Yes please.  

wicker pumpkins

I also love the little wicker pumpkins.  I’ve had these for years.  I used a whole bunch of them with candy in them one Thanksgiving for favours.  I had four from our family but they were orange and I haven’t used orange in my fall decor for a long while.  This year when I spotted them in my fall bin, I thought they’d tie in really well with the wicker basket wall in the kitchen and decided to spray paint them.  I’m pretty much in love with them now.

pink fall decor

pink fall decor home tour

Also on the table a few more little treasures.  There’s another little bowl of the straw flowers to be admired close up.  There’s also a little piece of pottery that the girls and I made in a pottery class my sister gifted us a few Christmases ago.  And that little bowl are some dried horse chestnuts and acorns.  As acorns dry, the bottoms tend to shrink a little and the caps pop off.  I took that as an opportunity to paint just a few in my fall colours and then hot glue on the caps.  It’s the tiniest little DIY, but so sweet.  I love making things for my home.  It really won’t feel like a home tour around here without a few seasonal crafts.

Basket Wall

boho fall decor

And also in this eating area is the basket wall.  I found thrift store baskets this summer and created this space.  The warm tones and texture felt perfect for fall. 

vintage amber glass bottles with dried flowers

I also added some more amber glass, and some more dried florals.  There’s also a collection of faux pumpkins that I painted with some craft paint to match my colour scheme this year.  Maybe another year I’ll re-paint them again, but pink is perfect this year.

pink fall decor ideas

It’s a lovely feeling to have the house all clean and ready to head into a new season.  I hope it offers you a little inspiration, especially if you love boho, and might want to give some pink fall decor a try this year too.  Wishing you the happiest of falls.

With a fall home tour, life really is a party.

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  1. I’m obsessed with the macrame garland and pumpkins on the staircase. Everything is so pretty.

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