DIY Macrame Garland

DIY Macrame Garland: make this beautiful macrame bunting using only two easy macrame knots. Beginner project with full tutorial.

DIY Macrame Garland: make this beautiful macrame bunting using only two easy macrame knots. Beginner project with full tutorial.
This DIY macrame garland may look complicated but it actually only requires two simple knots and is really simple to put together.

Today I’m joining with some of my favourite bloggers as part of the Seasonal Simplicity Fall Series.  Check out all the links at the bottom of this post for lots more fall craft inspiraton.

fall DIY and craft project ideas
You can make this as long or short as you like.  Each of my sections has 6 triangles, and I did 3 sections.  You could make it longer by adding more sections, or adjusting how many triangles you make in each section.

DIY macrame garland

To begin with use one long cord the length of which will be the length of the finished garland.  This is the top anchor cord.

macrame garland tutorial

Cut 10 pieces of cord per triangle, about one arms length, from fingers to mid-chest.

Lark’s Head Knot

To make the first triangle attach 10 cords to the anchor cord using the lark’s head knot.  To make a lark’s head knot fold the cord in half, put it behind the anchor cord, and pull the two ends through together and tighten.

lark's head knot

Square Knot

The first row of each triangle will be 5 square knots.  To make a square knot select the first 4 cords.  Cross the left cord across the rest -it will look a little like a number four.  Tuck the crossed cover left cord behind the right most cord. Then take the end of the right most cord, and bring it through the hole you made with the first cord.  Then tighten the cords.

how to tie a macrame square knot

To create the second half of the square knot, do the same knot but starting with the right most cord.

macrame square knot

The triangles that make up the garland are all made of square knots.  There are five square knots in the first row.  In the second row, you drop the two first and last cords and tie another row of four square knots.  The third row you do the same thing, drop two more cords on each side, and tie a row of three square knots.  The same for the fourth row, and then on the last row, you tie just one square knot.

DIY macrame bunting

This will make up a triangle.  I did 6 triangles per section, and did three sections.

Swag Fringe

For each section I also did a swag in the front.  To make the swag attach a cord to the anchor cord, and swag it down, to about the bottom of the 3rd and 4th triangle in the section, and then attach the swag to the anchor cord after the sixth triangle.  I did one swag for each of the three sections.

how to make a macrame garland

To create the fringe, cut shorter cords about 7 inches long each.  Tie the shorter cords onto the swag with a lark’s head knots, side by side to fill the swag.

DIY fall garland

Fall Stair Garland

I used my macrame swag on my stairs for fall, along with some pumpkins.  I wanted to create a layered effect so I also added some fall leaves.  The leaves were pressed and dried, and then I used a thread a tie them and layered them in front of the macrame swag.

fall stair garland

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  1. Hi Traci,
    Sorry I didn’t keep track of how much I used. I was using some cord leftovers from another project I had…of course it would depend on how long you make it as well. Sorry I’m not more helpful.

  2. Hi Janice,
    I actually used a two ply rope to make my macrame garland, so I don’t have an actually size of macrame cording to suggest. Sorry about that.

  3. Found you through Christy over at Confessions of a Serial DIYer. Super cute! Love it, a lot. Do you have a link for where you got your rope?

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