Toast Party Inspiration

Toast Party Inspiration: lots of ideas for an all-toast dinner party, including savoury and sweet, and the free printable invitation.

Last night we announced the “A Year of Feasting Challenge”, if you missed it read all about it here.  We’re committing to 12 feasts in 12 months in an effort to up the fun factor around here, and be a little more intentional about connecting with our peeps over great food.  I hope you will play along with us, in any way you like.  And today I’m sharing our Toast Party Inspiration.

A Year of Feasting Challenge -12 feasts in 12 months

Toast Party

So, the first party of the year for us is going to be a toast party!  The whole menu for the night will be toast, hot and buttered!  Think fondue party…. but toast instead.

I recently realized that I love toast.  Good bread, fresh butter, and I’m pretty much in heaven.  I’m one of those firm believers that life without carbs won’t be worth living.  After a stint with Weight Watchers bread last year -because we keep trying, I had some amazing ciabatta toast and realized that toast is one of the best things in life.  It inspired the idea for a whole dinner party of toast.

So our first party in the year of feasting will be a toast party.  It will be a casual dinner party, with adults only.  I’m thinking neutral, rustic decor -just using stuff I already have for this one.  This party will be all about the toast.

Toast Party Inspiration

Here’s an inspiration board to get us all in the mood.

Toast Party Inspiration: lots of ideas for an all-toast dinner party, including savoury and sweet, and the cutest free toast themed invitation.

1.  Since I only own one toaster, I’ll just ask my friends to bring their own…and a toaster oven might be good too, if one of your peeps has one.  My plan is to set up the dinning room table with toasters and ingredients down the centre (might need a power bar).  Since good toast is hot toast, we’ll do a make-your-own kind of a party.  Picture a fondue party, but better.

2,3,4.  We’ll have your classic toast toppers plus a whole lot more.  So, honey, jam, butter, peanut butter, etc.

5.  Really good bread is essential, this is a Cranberry Raisin Focaccia, yum.  I’m planning on some savoury and some sweet -for dessert.  I’ll  ask all the guests to bring their own favourite loaf.  We’ll make sure we have bread boards and bread knifes on hand.

6.  This brushetta bar from What’s Gaby Cooking has my month watering, and has some great ideas for the savoury.  I’m imaginging starting the party out with savoury toast, and this picture is inspiring some of my toppings -think cheeses (soft and firm), roasted red peppers, tomatoes, pesto, tapenade, garlic mushrooms and avocado.  And then throw in some thinly sliced flank steak, or some hot poached eggs.

7.  This is my recipe for classic tomato bruschetta , sure to make an appearance at the toast party.

8.  Once we move into the sweets, Nutella will certainly be included, and perhaps a cookie butter?

9.  Another great addition would be some flavoured butters.  I’m thinking garlic butter and maybe these recipes from A Beautiful Mess that include honey cinnamon butter -so pretty in the mason jars.

You can also find all the links again for these ideas and more over on our “A Year of Feasting” Pinterest board.

Toast Party Invitations

I designed this sweet little toast invite with a watercolour image I painted, that you can download here and send to all your toast loving friends for your own little toast get-together.

toast party invitation free printable

Or use just the toast image download in an email, Facebook message, or design your own evite at evite.com.  They include a design your own option, where you can insert this image.  Evite’s are great, and fun for guests since they can see who else is coming, and if they’re bringing something -for this party their fav. bread they can let us know what kind so we don’t get duplicates.  I’m doing the evite option for this party myself.

Toast Party free printable

I’ve booked the date, and I’ll be sending my invites this weekend.  After the party, I’ll be sharing all the pics and recipes here.  I think this party should be fun and fairly low key, and it’s an easy menu -the guests will be cooking their own for the most part.  It should be quirky and fun and delicious, and a great way to kick off A Year of Feasting!  Don’t forget you can share your ideas and parties as you play along over on Facebook or Instagram with #ayearoffeasting.  Now let’s get this party started!

With toast party inspiration, life really is a party!

UPDATE:  The toast party was amazing read all about it all here.

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