Concrete Star Christmas Ornaments

DIY Concrete Star Christmas Ornaments: discover how to make beautiful decorations from some concrete, an ice cube tray, and some gold leaf.
DIY Concrete Star Christmas Ornaments: discover how to make beautiful decorations from some concrete, an ice cube tray, and some gold leaf.

I’m loving mixed metals this year, and incorporating lots of gold, silver, and copper into my Christmas decor.  Instead of straight up glam though, I’m going for a rustic look.  I love the juxtaposition of the concrete in these star ornaments and the little bit of gold, silver and copper leaf.

DIY Cement Star ornaments


  • concrete mix
  • cooking spray
  • star ice cube tray
  • straws
  • gold leaf adhesive
  • silver, copper, and gold leaf
  • twine

To make them, I used some concrete, cooking spray, straws, and a star ice cube tray.

how to make concrete stars

How To Make Concrete Stars

1. Just mix up the concrete, spray your mould and straws with a little cooking spray oil.

2. Next fill up the oiled mould.  

Be careful to push the cement all the way into the corners and tap your mould to try and get everything all nice and even.  

3. Lastly, just push the straws into the wet cement, and all the way down to the bottom of the mould.  Let it set over night.

how to make concrete Christmas ornaments

The next day remove the straws -carefully.  And then, let the stars dry the rest of the day in the moulds.  Patience, patience.

concrete stars

Trouble Shooting

I’m not going to lie to you.  I had a little trouble.  Maybe I should have done a few things a little differently.  I might not have mixed my concrete long enough, or carefully enough.  Next time, a bigger container for mixing and a little more vim and vigour might be in order.  I also maybe should have pushed the concrete into the corners more carefully, I’m thinking a wooden skewer next time to take no chances.  Lastly, I would make sure to leave a little larger border for my straw holes next time, and maybe even remove them a little sooner…but then again not too soon.  I did have a few causalities…and I have to admit my first reaction was that this was a project fail.

adding gold leaf to concrete

I persevered, and had some successes.  I used the best ones -about seven out of twelve worked.

Adding Metal Leaf

4.Next I added some gold leaf glue.  After it set, I added some different metallic leaf to them.

concrete star Christmas ornaments

5. Then I used a little twine to make them into Christmas tree ornaments.  And then…I kind of fell in love with them.

concrete stars

cement stars

concrete stars craft

With concrete star Christmas ornaments with metallic leaf, life really is a party!

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