Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Chocolate Charcuterie Board: perfect for the chocolate lover, tips on building your board, and ingredient suggestions.

Chocolate Charcuterie Snack Board: perfect for the chocolate lover, tips on building your board, and ingredient suggestions.Where are all the chocolate lovers at? This chocolate charcuterie board is perfect for you.

Chocolate dessert Board

My daughter loves chocolate, so we thought this would be a fun addition to her birthday party as part of dessert -and it was! Everyone loved it, and it was really fun to put together.
There are no real rules when it comes to putting a charcuterie board, especially a chocolate one. But there are a few tips to help you get started.

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Chocolate macaroons and other chocolate treats

First of all, when you’re shopping think about different shapes, sizes, and colours and try to get a variety. We looked at the dollar store and the bulk store for most of our chocolates. I picked up a few extra special treats at the bakery.

Chocolate bar wrappers


Here’s what we used:

  • peanut butter cups
  • skor bar
  • twix bar
  • kinder egg bar
  • chocolate covered almonds
  • kit kat bar
  • chocolate covered pretzels
  • dairy milk with nuts
  • chocolate covered sponge toffee
  • cookies and cream bar
  • chocolate cappuccino almonds
  • turtles
  • ferrero rocher
  • chocolate wafer cookies
  • celebration caramel cookies
  • pirouette chocolate hazelnut cookies
  • mini nutella
  • mini chocolate donuts
  • chocolate macarons
  • mini nutella filled donuts
  • cannoli
  • toffifef
  • dark chocolate bar

I bought quite small quantities of each thing so we’d have a lot of variety on the board -so only one chocolate bar of each kind, and only 3 each of the bakery items.

how to make a Chocolate Charcuterie Snack Board

How To Build Your Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Start With Containers

I used three gold measuring cups as containers on my board.  You could also use small bowls or ramekins.  The bowls help define the board a little, and help coral small items.

Chocolate dessert Board:

Add Height In The Middle

I used my measuring cup to stand up the pirouette cookies in the middle, and stacked up the wafer cookies.  These two components were my starting place and helped create some drama and height in the middle of the board.

Chocolate wafer cookies

Fan  Around A Container

We fanned out some of the Celebration caramel cookies around one of the measuring cups, it helps add interest to the board.

Chocolate Charcuterie dessert tray

Use Odd Numbers

In design, odd numbers of items add interest, so think about using groups of three or five of an item.  I used three measuring cups, and three of most of the baked goods.

all kinds of Chocolate treats

Chocolate lovers dessert board

Fill In The Outside Of The Board First

Use some of your items to create a border around the board with them.  Then just fill in the rest.  It makes building the board easier and looks great.

Chocolate Charcuterie Snack Board: perfect for the chocolate lover, tips on building your board, and ingredient suggestions.

Use Different Sizes, Colours, and Textures

Try varying the colours, sizes, and textures that are right next to each other.  Break up all the milk chocolate with some white, and some dark chocolate.  Adding in some baked goods as some variation of texture and size and adds interest to the board.

Chocolate Charcuterie board for entertaining

Those are my top tips for putting something like this together.  They’re great tips for any charcuterie or cheese board building.  The Chocolate Charcuterie Snack Board was really a huge hit at the party.  It added lots of drama, and a bit of excitement to the party, the girls couldn’t wait to dig in!

Chocolate nutella mini jar

With a Chocolate Charcuterie Snack Board, life really is a party.

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