Christmas Gallery Wall

Christmas Gallery Wall: an eclectic mix of DIY art, thrift store art, free printables, and old favourites make the perfect Christmas display.
Christmas Gallery Wall: an eclectic mix of DIY art, thrift store art, free printables, and old favourites make the perfect Christmas display.

I shared a peek of my Christmas Gallery Wall with you last week, in my Christmas Home Tour -see the tour here, and today I wanted to share some of the details with you.  

DIY Plates

It all started when I was inspired by Melissa at The Sweet Escape and her vintage plates with gold leaf added.  I thought it would be fun to put a Christmas spin on it.  The Christmas plates are from the thrift store, and one that wasn’t Christmas, but had the right colours to go with the other two.  I used three plates to spell out the word JOY.

Christmas gallery wall

For the letters I also used a dollar store stencil, some gold, silver, and copper leaf, and the special leafing glue.  I just traced the letter on to the plate with a pencil, and then used a paint brush to paint the glue into the right spot.

Christmas gallery wall

After about 15 minutes (or according to your package instructions) you add the leaf over top, and rub gently to remove the excess.  Here’s how they turned out.

Christmas gallery wall

Mixed Metals

I used the three different metals -gold, silver, and copper, to tie in with my Christmas theme this year of mixed metals.  The different metals are on the plates as well as in the rest of the display. I kind of love that the “rules” around mixing metals have really relaxed.

Christmas gallery wall

Non-Permeant Hanging

I actually used the 3M hooks to hang everything. Since I didn’t want this to be permanent, or have nail holes left everywhere afterward these were perfect.  It worked great, and so far it’s holding up perfectly.

how to hang a Christmas gallery wall

An Eclectic Collection

Most of the other piece were things I already had.  The gold mirror is actually a small tray, that I picked up thrifting one day.  

The clipboard has had the metal clip gold leafed, and I made the picture.  I just used an old dictionary and used the page that had “Christmas” on it, and then used my printer to print a Santa picture on it.  It was super easy, and I love how it turned out.

DIY Christmas art

Lots of the pictures in the frames are free printables found on-line. Aren’t the deer so sweet?

Christmas gallery wall

The “Joy to the World” pretty printable is from my friend Shannon at AKA Design.  

The other picture is an old Trisha Romance print…a Christmas gift from my parents when I was a teenager, brought back to life as part of this eclectic collection.

Christmas gallery wall ideas

With a pretty Christmas gallery wall, life really is a party!

Christmas art ideas

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