Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas: give charitable contributions to the developing world through MCC with funny printable gift tags, and a small gift.

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas: give charitable contributions to the developing world through MCC with funny printable gift tags, and a small gift.

This is the time of year when you need a nice little gift for a hostess, or a teacher, or for someone a little tricky to shop for.  I’ve partnered with The Care and Share MCC Thrift Store and I’m excited to give you some ideas for some really meaningful gifts that you’ll feel great about giving and the receiver will love too.
Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas That Make A Difference

MCC has a whole gift catalogue with 25 different gift ideas to choose from starting at just $10.  They use donations to help people all over the world.  Here are four of my favourites along with some free printable gift tags and an idea of what you could add to really spruce up the gift.

chocolate lovers hostess gift idea


1. For The Chocolate Lover

For a donation of $35 MCC will help a farmer to plant a crop of cocao trees.  A few years ago when my family was visiting the Caribbean we had a chance to tour a chocolate farm.  We got to see the cocao beans growing on the trees and exactly how they harvest and process them into chocolate.  It was amazing.  So when I saw this gift idea I got really excited about how this gift could impact the lives of farmers.  

brownies in a gift jar

We put together this fun “I love you almost as much as I love chocolate” card which you can download for free here, and print at home.

chocolate lovers gift tag printable


To make this gift extra special we added in some freshly baked brownies in a pretty mason jar.  You can find our Easy One Bowl Brownie Recipe here.  

brownies and a Santa mug

Or if you’re not a baker how about including some chocolate baked goods from your favourite bakery, or just your very favourite Christmas chocolates.  

chocolate lovers hostess gift idea

We think this gift is absolutely perfect for the chocolate lover in your life.

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas for the chocolate lover

2.  Fruit Trees

Gift ideas with MCC Charitable Giving

For only $10 MCC will provide fruit trees and support to grow them to a family in the developing world.  Help a family grow lemon, guava, papaya or olive trees and improve the lives of adults and children.  

olive oil hostess gift


We created this fun “Olive you so much” gift card and attached it to a nice bottle of olive oil for a really easy and inexpensive hostess gift.  

olive oil Christmas gift tag printable

3.  Baking and Cooking Lessons

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas

We love to bake and cook.  For a donation of $15 you can partner with MCC and provide baking and cooking lessons to a woman in a developing country that can provide her family with an income.  Check out the video of a woman whose life was changed by learning to bake and cook.

Give the gift of cooking and baking lessons

Use our free “All you knead is loaf this Christmas” gift tag and attach it to a beautiful loaf of fresh baked bread.  

Christmas hostess gift printable gift tag

We picked our bread up at the grocery store and tied it up with a pretty cotton gauze napkin.  This would make a really lovely gift for a hostess, teacher… well we think just about anyone would love it.

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas

4.  Fish

For only $23 MCC can stock an entire pond with fish.  What a life changing gift that could be in the developing world.  

charitable gift catalogue

Christmas hostess gift tag printable

We added a “We Fish You A Merry Christmas” card to some smoked salmon for a special holiday treat.  We added in some fresh bagels from our favourite bagel shop, and some cream cheese.  

bagels and smoked salmon Christmas Hostess GiftThis gift is perfect to bring to a holiday dinner.  They give you dinner, and you give them breakfast.  This is a great gift for the salmon lover on your list.

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas bagels and lox

There are lots more amazing gifts available at the MCC website.  I’m sure you could find something amazing for anyone on your list.  How amazing to give something this Christmas that will make a difference for years to come!

Download our free printable gift cards here.

printable Christmas Hostess Gift tags

With meaningful and thoughtful gifts like these this Christmas, life really is a party!

Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas

This post is sponsored by The Care and Share MCC Thrift Shop.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible. 

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