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Deer Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

Deer Snow Globe Christmas Ornament -DIY your own cute deer snow globe, with a glass or plastic ornament, and a few other inexpensive supplies.
Deer Snow Globe Christmas Ornament -DIY your own cute deer snow globe, with a glass or plastic ornament, and a few other inexpensive supplies.

This morning my girls wore their winter coats to school. It’s getting cold here. I don’t love winter…but I do love Christmas.  This sweet DIY snow globe Christmas ornament is the perfect craft to kick off the season.

I was inspired by these sweetest little deer I saw at the craft store. I spotted them a few weeks ago, and fell in love immediately. I started thinking about what I could do with them…add them to the glitter house village, use them to decorate cupcakes, or make a little snow globe ornament. All of the above will probably occur between now and Christmas, but I started with the ornament (it’s a little early for Christmas baking -even for me). 😉


  • plastic deer
  • clear ornament with large opening
  • blue tac
  • faux snow
  • small branch
  • tweezers
  • bells 
  • ribbon

miniature plastic deer

How To Make A Snow Globe Ornament

1. I bought a plastic ornament, with the removable top. I picked up a fairly big one, but the larger deer still didn’t fit. I may try a bigger one for them, or one of the ones that splits down the middle. I really like the glass ornaments, but the plastic ones seemed to have larger openings. I have seen other people slice off the bottom, to add bigger items, then glue it back on, or there are some other plastic balls that come apart down the middle, any of these options would work depending on what you find.

I started by adding some blue tack to the bottom, but I found it in white at the dollar store. It worked great for this, since it held everything firm and was easily covered by the snow I added at the end.

how to make a snow globe Christmas ornament

2. Since my deer was tiny, I added in a few branches. These were just a few I had that were already spray painted silver. Just use your tweezers and fingers to push them into the blue tack at the bottom. It was a little tricky adding the deer. My tweezers weren’t long enough to actually manoeuvre very well, once they were in the ball. After much fiddling I managed to get the deer positioned and pushed into the blue tack. Longer tweezers would work great if you had some.

Deer Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

3. Then I  added some faux snow, and tied a few jingle bells to the top. So simple, so sweet.

DIY Christmas Ornament

Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

With a pretty little decoration like this just waiting to come out this Christmas, life really is a party.

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