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DIY Burlap Table Runner

DIY Burlap Table Runner -Easy how-to, using very inexpensive garden burlap, and no sew. It’s perfect for fall or thanksgiving tables.DIY Burlap Table Runner -Easy how-to, using very inexpensive garden burlap, perfect for fall or thanksgiving

Like so many other bloggers, I seem to have developed a bit of a crush on burlap. It seems like such a great fit with rustic, cool, fall days.  This easy burlap runner is really inexpensive to make.


  • burlap from the garden centre

This year I decided to make a runner for my dinning room table out of burlap. I did check out the fabric store, but all they had was “fancy” tightly woven burlap, not exactly the sack bag image I’d been picturing. So, I headed to the hardware store -success! Not only did they have the authentic stuff there, but it was way cheaper -and you know me and a bargin are BFF’s. So I purchased some burlap, intended for winterizing shrubs, from the garden centre.

garden burlap wrap

How To Make A Burlap Table Runner

To make my runner I cut a strip about 22 inches wide, and long enough for some overhang on my table, remembering that the table would have all its extra boards in making it extra long for Thanksgiving dinner. 😉 Just follow the line of the fabric as you cut.

how to make a burlap table runner

I considered different methods of finishing the edges, but in the end decided I really liked the slightly frayed look of leaving it as is. It was a little lumpy, bumpy so I gave it a quick iron. The smell of ironing it reminded me of days as a little girl playing in my Grandma’s barn at her farm, happy memories.

DIY Burlap Table Runner

I am using it for fall on top of my dark wooden dinning room table, but I also used it for Thanksgiving over a white table cloth, and loved the way it added texture to the table. Here’s a sneak peak of Thanksgiving -check out the whole Thanksgiving table here.

DIY Burlap Table Runner

This was a simple, quick, inexpensive little project, and I love how it turned out.

With a DIY Burlap Table Runner, life really is a party!

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  1. My daughter used burlap on her tables at her wedding reception this summer on top of lace – it was a very cool look.
    The lace, btw, was mostly curtains from estate sales.

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