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DIY Cresent Moon Wreath

Moon Wreath: DIY crescent moon wreath, how to make your own grape vine moon shaped wreath base and decorate.

moon wreath

I’ve noticed lots of crescent moon shaped wreaths lately, and fell in love with them. I thought it would be fun to DIY my own. Using grapevine and a round wire wreath form, we made our own moon shaped wreath base.

DIY Halloween moon wreath

I’m joining with some of my favourite blogging friends today to share lots of fun Halloween DIY’s as part of the Seasonal Simplicity Fall Series.  Be sure to check out all the links at the bottom of this post for lots of great inspiration.

Halloween DIY's and crafts

I did see some grapevine crescent moon wreath bases at the craft store when I was shopping for a new wreath, but they weren’t very crescent shaped, and they were quite expensive. You can make your own version that looks better and is cheaper.

We used our moon wreath as part of our Halloween Witchy Garden Shed -you can check out more details about it here.

Halloween witch decor


  • round wreath form
  • grapevines
  • fine wire
  • wire cutters
  • garden clippers
  • black spray paint
  • black faux flowers
  • yarn pom poms
  • disco ball oraments
  • mini velvet pumpkins
  • back paper butterflies
  • pink glitter stars
  • black wire
  • hot glue

how to make your own moon shaped wreath

To Make The Crescent Moon Wreath Base

I started with a regular round metal wreath form, and with a few simple steps I turned it into a moon wreath form. This started out as one of the very inexpensive wire wreath forms from the dollar store. The first step is to cut out a section of the round wreath form. Use wire cutters to cut it. It does take a little muscle and perseverance, but you can cut through them.

DIY crescent moon wreath

Once you have a section of the round wreath form removed, you can create your crescent shape. Use some floral wire to gather the ends of the wreath form together, and secure it tightly to create each end of the moon. 

how to make a moon shaped wreath

I wanted to make a black grapevine wreath, so I used the green wreath form I found and some silver coloured wire because I knew I was spray painting it all black once it was formed. If you wanted to keep the natural brown grapevine colour, you could begin by spray painting your wreath form brown, and using brown wire to attach the grape vine.

Adding the Grapevine

Next you begin to add your grapevine. I gathered my grapevine from a spot where it grows wild, and removed all of the leaves. There were lots of the twirly tendrils attached, which I think are my favourite part, so be careful not to break them off. It’s best to make your wreath within a few days of cutting the grapevine, because when you first pick the grapevine it’s still really flexible and easy to bend. If you were using older grape vine, you could soak it in water first to make it more flexible.

DIY grape vine moon wreath

DIY moon wreath

o add the grapevine to the wreath form, cut grapevine pieces to the right length and wire them onto the wreath from. As you go, you will want some pieces of grapevine that are shorter, to bulk up the middle section of the wreath. Try and tuck the ends into the wreath as you build it. Once it is how you like it wrap the wire around tightly and secure at the end.

You can also twist some wire to the back to create a wreath hanger.

DIY crescent moon grape vine wreath base

Next, spray paint your wreath black. Remember to do several light coats to avoid dripping, and spray from different angles, and from the back for full coverage.

How To Decorate Your Moon Wreath For Halloween

Once your wreath is dry you can embellish it in your own style to suit any occasion. We made a Halloween wreath. I was inspired by Lifesfrostings, and used pink, peach and black yarn to make two sizes of pom poms. I also added some mini velvet pumpkins, black faux florals, and some mini disco ball ornaments. The artificial flowers are form the craft store, and I used some wire cutters to cut them into smaller flowers to decorate the wreath. Lastly I embellished the wreath with some black paper butterflies, and pink glitter paper stars. To make the paper stars and butterflies more dimensional, I hot glued them to some black wire and wired them to the wreath, so they could stand out more. This wreath is the perfect addition to a front door or a mantel. It’s a great idea to use for Halloween season.

moon wreath

black and pink moon Halloween wreath

With an amazing DIY moon shaped wreath, life really is a party!

More Halloween DIY Ideas

Check out how we used this wreath for a Halloween Mantel here.

Halloween Mantel Decor: a moon shaped wreath, and flying black butterflies with lots of pumpkins and lanterns are perfect for Halloween.

You might also like our Christmas version of the Crescent Moon Wreath see the tutorial to make it here.

DIY Cresent Moon Shaped Christmas Wreath

Today I’m joining some of my talented blogging friends for the Fall Seasonal Simplicity Series: Halloween Projects hop. Be sure to check out all of the fun ideas by visiting these posts. All the links are just below the images.


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