DIY Glass Christmas Cloche

DIY Glass Cloche -Made from a steamless wineglass and glass drawer knob this diy glass Christmas cloche couldn’t be easier or cuter. Fill it with a Christmas scene -or anything else and enjoy.
DIY Decorative Cloche -Made from a steamless wineglass and glass drawer knob this DIY glass Christmas cloche couldn't be easier or cuter.

I had this idea a little while ago…that I could use a stemless wine glass to create a pretty DIY Glass Cloche with a Christmas scene in it.


  • stemless wine glass
  • glass cabinet knob
  • super glue
  • mushroom ornament
  • faux snow
  • fairy print out
  • rhinestone stickers and glitter
  • miniature gift
  • cardboard
  • pipe cleaner

How To Make A DIY Cloche:

While I was cross border shopping on the weekend I picked up a stemless wine glass at Target in the dollar bins. I wanted to create a little knob on the top, and thought a little glass furniture knob from the hardware store would work great, but they were a little expensive -up to $5 each. So, I dropped by my local Habitat for Humanity Reuse Store, and I found one for a buck.

how to make a DIY cloche

I glued it to the bottom of the glass with a little super glue. To create the scene I used a sweet little mushroom ornament from Walmart, and found a cute Christmas fairy image on line, and re-sized it to fit in the cloche.

mushroom Christmas ornaments

After cutting the fairy out, I embellished her with tinsel, stars, rhinestones and glitter.

DIY Cloche snow globe

I glued them all down with a little hot glue (and managed to burn my finger in the process) and added some cotton batting, fake snow and a tiny little Christmas gift.

how to make a DIY Cloche

Then I glued the cloche to the cardboard base I made out of some silver glittered card stock, and added some tinsel to cover and glue marks.

DIY decorative Cloche snow globe

I really do love how it turned out. I think the fairy and mushroom will be so cute with my woodland themed Christmas this year.  Since every winter woodland needs a few Christmas fairies. 😉  I can think of lots more possibilities to create more of these.  How about some with vintage looking paper Santas, little Christmas trees, or plastic reindeer.

DIY Cloche

Hope you like this sweet little ornament.  With a DIY Glass Cloche, life really is a party!

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  1. Exquisite!!!! I have been collecting glassware for terrariums and this is a gorgeous idea!!!!! Thank you for the step by step directions!

  2. I think I just saw some stemless wine glasses at WalMart made out of a clear plastic. Looked like pretty good quality.

  3. This is a really beautiful Christmas ornament and I really like it. it is fairly easy to do and I may make at least one. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Elva,
    So glad you like it. I’d love if you would share a picture of yours over on our Facebook page. Best of luck!

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