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How To Make A Christmas Fairy Garden

How To Make A Christmas Fairy Garden: step-by-step guide to create an indoor Christmas Fairy Garden with real plants.
How To Make A Christmas Fairy Garden: Learn how to use real live plants to create an indoor Christmas Fairy Garden with a house and scenery.I love fairy gardens, and always thought it would be fun to make a Christmas fairy garden.  This sweet little fairy home is all decked out for the holidays, complete with real plants.  Today I’m sharing how to make a Christmas Fairy Miniature Garden.

How To Make A Christmas Fairy Garden

I’ve made lots of fairy gardens in the past -little container gardens for the summer.  Check out some of my other fairy gardens here. So this year I thought it would be really great to make an indoor winter version for the holiday season.

I love the little cypress trees that you see this time of year, and they really are the perfect fairy Christmas tree.


How To Make a Christmas Fairy Garden

fairy garden container I started with a great container. This one is made from old lath, and made a perfect Christmas fairy garden. Since I’m using it indoors, I was sure to line it with a plastic bag first to ensure that the water didn’t damage my table when I water it. Remember though when you’re looking after a garden like this though that there is no drainage, so don’t over water it.

winter fairy garden plants
Winter Fairy Garden Plants

Next I filled the container with soil and added in my plants.  I chose a cypress tree, a lemon cypress tree, and a frosty fern.  I thought the cypress trees looked like little fairy size Christmas trees, and the frosty fern looked like a frost covered fern in the forest of the North pole.  Definitely try to choose plants that look winter-y.

white sand to create a snowy fairy garden
Once the plants were in, I covered the soil in white sand.  I didn’t really want to use deep artificial snow, since I didn’t think it would be that good for the plants.  The sand was the perfect solution.  I did also sprinkle a little fake snow over top of the sand, but this way I only needed a little.  It made the perfect snow globe effect.

How To Make A Fairy Garden house
DIY Miniature Fairy House

Next it was time for the fun part -adding the fairy details. I started out with the house. I’ve made several fairy houses in the past, with a mini wooden bird house for the base.
how to make a fairy house out of a birdhouse
To make the bird house into a fairy house, I cut off the bird perch, and created a little fairy door. I usually use a piece of a paint stick, but for this one I used a little birch bark.  The house was painted white, with a birch bark door, and roof.

For the roof I created shingles with birch bark rectangles and used hot glue to attach them.  I gave the roof a coat of mod podge to help protect it too.  The chimney is made out of some very thin wood from the craft store that I just cut with scissors and hot glued into place.  

I love my little cotton batten smoke.  Can’t you just picture the Christmas fairies snuggled up inside beside the fire?  I also added a tiny little wreath to the window made from a Christmas ornament.

winter Christmas fairy garden ideas
Christmas Fairy Garden Accessories

Once the house was in, I created a little garden scene around it.

fairy garden house with birch bark shingles
I used a little garden arch and added some real greens to it with a little wire. Once the greens were on I added some little fairy lights, and then wound the rest of the light string around the plants. You could use faux greens instead of real, if you didn’t want them to dry out.
fairy garden arch with twinkle lights
I used some little fairy stepping stones to create a path to the front door. You could also use buttons as stepping stones to make a cute path too.  And then one of my great ideas was to create a fairy sized wood pile.  I used a little axe and some twigs cut with garden clippers to make the perfect little fairy wood pile, to get them through a cold winter.

fairy garden axe and wood pile

Over on the other side of the house, I added in a little fence and some presents.

The pinecones are perfectly fairy sized.  They’re real cones from a cedar bush that I collected in my yard.

fairy garden presents

This garden really is so sweet, and a nice little twist on the traditional Christmas village. I’m sure the fairies will love it. 😉
indoor winter fairy garden

With a Christmas Fairy Garden, life really is a party!

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  1. Okay, so this is the cutest idea for Christmas! I’ve always loved how fairy gardens looked, but have never attempted them myself. Somehow I feel like I’ll mess them up, but your tutorial makes it look easy!

  2. The little details make me all heart eyes, this is so cute! I’ve already told you I adore that wood pile with the axe, the puff of smoke coming out of the chimney! I also love that wreath on the front, all of it is so so cute, I can just imagine a tiny little fairy family cozy inside.

  3. Thanks Laurie, at night when I turn the twinkle lights in my girls have been joking that the fairies are home! So fun.

  4. .WOW! That’s enough to make my next Christmas unique than all the previous! The article was also very easy to understand and to follow! I will apply them for sure. Thanks, Dannyelle for such great idea! 🙂

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