Easter Table Ideas

Easter Table Ideas: bunny plates and chairs made from dollar store bunny ears and tails add some whimsy to this pastel & iridescent table.
Easter Table Ideas: bunny plates and chairs made from dollar store bunny ears and tails add some whimsy to this pastel & iridescent table.

I had so much fun putting together this pastel Easter table full of fun Easter table ideas.  It’s really easy to create, and so pretty.  It defiantly feels like spring with our bunny plates, and chairs.  The pops of iridescence and mirrored disco balls make it feel fun and modern too.

Easter table ideas

Easter Bunny Ears and Tails

For this table, I started out with these fun Easter bunny ears and tails from the dollar store.  They are the kind you buy for children, and really inexpensive.  To create my tablescape, I added the ears to some white dinner plates, to turn each one into little bunny plates.

pastel Easter table

The ears also come with little bunny tails, and I added them to the chairs.

Easter table ideas

This was so easy to do and couldn’t be cuter.  These are sure to elicit smiles from kids and adults alike and perfect for any Easter or spring celebration, or family dinner.

how to set an Easter table

Place Settings

Since I was using plain white plates to create our bunnies, I want to add little more colour with the other pieces of the place settings.  

Easter table ideas

The iridescent accents for the whole table were inspired by the iridescent champagne flutes.  Not just for champagne, they’d be great for sparkling water, or fizzy lemonade too.  I also added some pretty purple wine glasses, because the purple worked so well for our pastel table.

Easter table ideas

Easter tablescape ideas

I used some simple pink napkins and added all the cutlery to one side, on the napkin for a casual feel.

how to set an Easter table

Easter Table Decor Ideas

I decided not to use any table cloth or runner on this table because I liked the contrast of the white plates and bunny ears against the dark wood.  I did create something like a runner out of some beautiful decor pieces.  


Easter table ideas

The colour scheme for the table was pastels and iridescent pieces.  I added a vase of fresh tulips, which always feel like spring.  

Easter table

There are also several iridescent pieces, including some glass Easter eggs, and several candle holders.

pastel Easter table

I also included a large mirrored ball for a little sparkle.  The mirrored balls inspired the mirrored ball Easter eggs that I found at the dollar store.  

mirrored Easter eggs disco ball

They’re so pretty in their pastel colours.  I used some like pink bowls to hold them, and added a few to the table.

easy bunny cupcakes

Easter Treats

Easter Eggs In Vintage Teacups

It’s always fun to include some treats on a table.  I found a few vintage teacups in pastel colours at the thrift store.  I added some mini eggs, which add some pretty pastel to the table as well.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs in a teacup

Bunny Cupcakes

I also made some adorable and easy bunny cupcakes.  I made simple vanilla cupcakes from a mix and iced them with some vanilla icing.  

bunny cupcakes Easter dessert

To turn the cupcake into bunnies, I made some ears from iridescent card stock.  These were really simple to make with some scissors.  I just eyeballed them.  Be sure to make them a little longer than you want them to be, with a slightly pointed end on them, which makes it really easy to add them to the cupcakes.

bunny cupcakes

Bunny Sugar Cookies

I made my favourite sugar cookies -using my Grandma’s recipe here.  To ice them I used a marble icing technique.  

Easter sugar cookies

It’s really simple to do, and quite quick too.  To make them, create a really runny icing with icing sugar, milk, and vanilla.  Remove a small amount from he icing and dye it pink.  Place the white icing in a shallow bowl, and add dollops of pink.  Use a knife to marble it together. Then dip the bunny cookie into the icing, and let the excess icing drip off.  Rest the iced cookies on some parchment paper, and after they set a few minutes, run a knife around the outside to remove and dripping icing.  Let them set completely before serving.

Easter sugar cookies

pastel Easter table

This pretty pastel Easter table was really fun to put together and feels perfect for any spring or Easter celebration.  

With these great Easter table ideas to create a beautiful tablescape, life really is a party!

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