Rainbow Easter Table

Rainbow Easter Table -use DIY rainbow baby’s breath flowers, rainbow candles, rainbow Easter eggs, and rainbow candy on this colourful table.

rainbow easter tables

This Easter set a rainbow Easter table to delight your guests. We used DIY rainbow baby’s breath as our rainbow flowers, rainbow candles, rainbow Easter eggs, and rainbow candy to make all of our rainbow dreams come true with this beautiful Easter tablescape.

how to set a rainbow table

We started out with a basic white table cloth on the dining table and then it was time for the star of the show, our rainbow Easter centerpieces.

Rainbow Flowers

We started out with rainbow flowers. We used baby’s breath and dyed six little bunches each a different rainbow color. This is a really fun DIY that you do with food coloring. Check out this blog post with all the details about exactly how to dye your own rainbow baby’s breath. You can also buy rainbow baby’s breath already dyed and ready to use.  Another option would be to do bouquets of different flowers in rainbow colors. I really like the baby’s breath though, because it’s nice and low to the table and looks great with all our other Easter decorations tucked in around it.

DIY rainbow flowers

I arranged each bouquet in a mini mason jar with water, and then laid them out in rainbow order down the centre of the dining table.

DIY rainbow baby's breath

When Easter is over and it’s time to put all the Easter table décor away, we can upcycle these pretty flowers by drying them and using them in crafts or as dried flower arrangements in home décor.

Easter Eggs

You couldn’t have an Easter table without some Easter eggs. I used some plain craft eggs from the dollar store and painted them in rainbow of colours to go with our table. I used two shades of each color, and did two of each so that we could have one for each side of our Easter table centerpiece. This would be a great way to get family members and kids involved in this table by painting eggs together.

rainbow Easter tablescape

Easter table ideas


I thought it would be a nice addition to our rainbow table to add some candles. First I shopped my house and found lots of pretty tea light home decor in rainbow colors that I could use on our Easter table. I tried to add a little unity to the candles by using all glass candle holders. There were a few colors I was missing, so I picked up a few at the dollar store to complete our rainbow.

rainbow party tablescape

rainbow party

I also had some small Easter bunny candle holders that were such a fun addition. They were the perfect way to add some Easter bunnies to the table. You could also make your own matching bunny decorations by painting some dollar store bunnies with the same rainbow colors that you used on the Easter eggs to add some bunny ornaments, which is so perfect for Easter.

rainbow table

Rainbow Candy

We also added in some candy, because you can’t have Easter without candy! I shopped at the bulk food store, which made it easy to find candies in every color I needed and buy small quantities. This would be another fun element to do with kids, because it was fun hunting for candy by color.

rainbow easter table

rainbow easter tablescape

I bought some wrapped candy, like chocolate eggs, and Hershey kisses that I scattered on the table. I also used some vintage glass egg cups and filled them with with M&Ms and Smarties. Lastly I did a small bowl of assorted candies in each color. I included a mix of jelly beans, jube jubes, and Easter eggs in most of the bowls. Marshmallow peeps would be a great addition too. I had some cute bunny bowls and then mixed in some small ceramic ones in each color of the rainbow.

Rainbow Easter Table

easter table ideas

rainbow candy

This would be a great way to use up some candy from an Easter egg hunt. You might want to have some small bags on hand, so guests can pack up some candy at the end of dinner and take it home with them.

pink rainbow candy ideas

Place Settings

For each of the place settings, I kept things really simple. I used all white plates, and napkins. This gold and white cutlery worked perfectly with the white place settings. And lastly, just a plain straight sided wine glass. We wanted to keep the focus on the beautiful rainbow table centerpieces as our bold pop of color, so we kept the Easter place setting simple and classic.

rainbow easter table

This rainbow Easter table is sure to bring lots of joy to our Easter celebration. I love how it turned out. I think it’s the kind of table, with so many small details, that guests will love sitting at and noticing different details all night long. As the light fades into the evening we can light the candles and linger around our rainbow together. I just love how happy and fun this Easter table turned out.

DIY rainbow table

With a Rainbow Easter Table to enjoy, life really is a party.

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