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Felt S’mores Play Food

Felt Smores Play Food: these easy homemade toy DIY felt smores for children to use as play food are simple to put together and adorable for dramatic play.
Felt S'mores Play Food

Felt Smores are so much fun for kids to play with and really easy to make yourself.

I love making felt play food.   These felt smores are perfect for pretend play all summer.  We were staying at a cottage on the lake with friends last week and they all loved playing with these sweet felt smores.

how to make Felt S'mores Play Food homemade toys

Materials For Felt Smores:

  • White Felt
  • Light Brown Felt
  • Dark Brown Felt
  • Stuffing
  • Pinking Shears
  • Wooden Skewers
  • White Thread
  • Light Brown Thread
  • Dark Brown Thread
  • Needle
DIY Felt S'mores Play Food around a pretend campfire

How To Make Felt Smores Graham Crackers:

  1. Create a paper pattern that is 6 x 5.5 cm.  Pin the pattern to two pieces of light brown felt, and cut out two rectangular pieces at the same time with the pinking shears to create the zig-zag edge.
  2. Sew the two pieces together on three sides using a simple running stitch about .5 cm from the edge.  Before sewing the fourth side, insert a small, even layer of stuffing, and then close the fourth side.
  3. To make the dots on the graham cracker, space two lines of three dots as evenly as you can, and stitch through several times, then tie off in a knot for each one.

How To Make Felt Smores Chocolate Bars:

  1. Create a paper pattern that is 5 x 4.5 cm.  Pin the pattern to two pieces of dark brown felt, and cut out the two rectangular pieces to make the chocolate bar.
  2. Sew the two pieces together on three sides using dark brown thread, and a blanket stitch.  Before sewing the fourth side, insert a small even layer of stuffing, and then close the fourth side -just like you did with the graham cracker.
  3. To create the chocolate pieces detail, stitch one line through the centre using a simple running stitch, and two dividing it to create six small rectangles, just like a real chocolate bar.

How To Make A Felt Melted Marshmallow:

  1. Cut out two matching pieces of white felt into a melted marshmallow shape.
  2. Sew the two pieces together with white thread, using a blanket stitch, just before finishing insert some stuffing, and then complete the edge.

To Make A Felt Marshmallow On A Stick:

  1. Use a plastic soda lid, or another circle about 2.5 cm in diameter to trace two circles on to white felt. (I found it helpful to use a disappearing marker, so there’d be no dark marks on the marshmallow afterward, if you don’t have one just use a light pencil mark.)  Also cut one rectangle that is about 4 x 9 cm.
  2. Use white thread and the blanket stitch to sew one white circle onto the long side of the white rectangle.  If the rectangle is a little too long, don’t worry we will trim it later.  Do the same with the other white circle attaching it to the other long side of the rectangle to create a cylinder.
  3. Stuff the marshmallow with stuffing, trim the edge of the rectangular piece if necessary, and then stitch the two short ends of the rectangle together to close the cylinder.
  4. Gently insert the skewer into the bottom of the marshmallow, wiggling to create a small hole in the marshmallow so that it looks like a marshmallow on a roasting stick.

pretending to roast a felt marshmallow for felt smores children's play food

We set up a little faux campfire to play with our felt smores, which would work really well indoors too.

make your own Felt S'mores Play Food tutorial

The only problem with this fun little toy set is…it might make you hungry.

With easy felt smore play food, life really is a party!

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